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The Truth Prevails...


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I love it... a lot! Really like the energy and emotion of this track!

I just think that, sometimes, one of the cymbals is a tiny bit too loud -- I also feel like it's saturated (but maybe I'm wrong). Try to lower the velocity a little to see if it's not better. I'm sure the lead synth could benefit a lot from this change since the cymbal often stops us from focusing on its melody.

If it's going to be part of the album you're currently working on, let me tell you this is another reason for me to look forward to its release :D

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@classic_gamer_76 Glad you love it! 

Yeah I can agree with that, the symbols do seem a bit overbearing at some points. I tried to turn down the velocity before this draft, but I think I may have to do it a little more now that I think about it (especially the china symbol). I did not add any saturation to the drums, they naturally sound like that I think turning down the velocity will help with that issue as well. 

I'm still debating whether to add this to my album or not, mainly because of it's genre. I can make this the final boss theme or something along the lines of that. Originally, I was going to make the album a more synth/electronic/rock based album but I don't think I can help my self anymore from adding metal into the mix xD. We will see once I flush out the album a little more when summer rolls around and I have more time to work on it.

Anyways thanks for the feed back as usual! 

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