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  1. @zircon @Meteo Xavier Thanks, guys. My hunches were correct. I've looked at presets in various plugins, but couldn't find the exact sound I wanted. Building one from a basic sine wave seems like the best way to go about this (I mean, this is pretty much common sense for everything tone/sound related, but I have a tendency to be a bit lazy). I'll have to tinker with it.
  2. Hi, I've been looking for a synth sound that was utilized mostly in early 2000's vgm music. I hear this synth In games such as maple story, Ragnarok, fly-ff, etc. I've also heard it in various remixes. It sounds kind of like a sine wave? I'll link some examples and time stamps below: :19-:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hkvYlVAwjk :07-:12 and 1:41 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20AfmqS74xg :17-:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=604V_HICY-A any help would be appreciated :D
  3. A song I made a while ago inspired by 90s racing games. Decided I wanted to share it here! Enjoy!
  4. Sounds cool! I really like the rock elements implemented - they really ad a nice touch to the overall piece. I would just work on humanizing the instruments; some parts sound a little too quantized. Keep it up!
  5. @Uberwulf X Sorry to get back to after so many months, but apparently, I didn't hit the notification button (goes to show how often I log onto my OC account as well). Thanks for the feedback... as this was my first attempt at any form of an album period (of course I go with a concept album). I can say that I'm disappointed with Dorian's Enigma, but in a good way. I learned a lot and have been improving my skills since. I'm glad you enjoyed it because I sure as hell didn't! This album was mixed on really shitty monitors so I apologize for a not very good mix overall. 'Tudles' was intentionally misspelled as it's supposed to differentiate between Dorian's pet Dog Tudles and Toodles the clown. Basically, The Dog 'Tudles' transforms into the murderous clown 'Toodles' (the one who got her parents) at the end of the dream, hence why you hear the barking reappear and lower in pitch in enter Toodles lair. I know, it's subtle and a bit non-descriptive, but that was my intention. My overall objective was to tell an effective story through music without any words. A lot of it was up for interpretation and I'm glad people are getting a coherent story (which was my main prerogative before the pretentious crap). I appreciate the feed back! Thanks, Matt
  6. I don't know how well known this soundtrack is but here's my most recent remix. I can definitely use an extra set of ears. I would like to hear others' thoughts on the overall remix and mix. More info about the remix itself is in the description in the soundcloud link if you were wondering why I made the certain choices I did :). Thanks, Matt Remix: Originals:
  7. So I recently finished my first conceptual album. I would love some authentic feedback as I have worked extremely hard on this ^.^ The story is about a ten year old girl who, through a dream, confronts the past trauma she experienced of the murder of her parents at the hands of a serial killer clown named Toodles. Thank you! You can listen to it here: and you can download it here:https://mattmatriciano.bandcamp.com/album/dorians-enigmaFeel free to leave feedback as this is my first of many projects (I don't expect it to be considered a masterpiece but a stepping stone in the making of my music writing career). Thanks to all who take the time to check it out.The album art was done by deviantartist:n1ghtmar37 feel free to give him some love.
  8. @Meteo Xavier First of all, thanks for the response Yes, I'm aware that I won't get top quality art.. After all, you get what you pay for. I stated that I was looking for a hobby artist, as in someone who's either just starting out (like me and my music) or someone who isn't necessarily professional. I just need something decent and that can distinct my album from the rest. Out of curiosity, what is the typical, (I guess your) rate for an album cover? I'm also interested to see what you have to offer, send 'em along! Thanks!
  9. Looking for a hobby artist (or anyone who would just be willing to accept credit as payment and work for funsies) who would be interested in creating cover art for my upcoming multi-genre concept album dubbed "Dorian's Enigma", a story about a little girl who confronts the trauma experienced during the murder of her parents in her dreams. This is a passion project of mine that I have been working on for the last two-three months. If you are interested in the idea and would love help, feel free to PM me or reply to this thread. I set a deadline for the project to be released on December 15th of this year, so we should have plenty of time to create something awesome! I am excited and looking forward to working with you, thank you! Here are some sneak peaks of the album (no song is finalized and I know for a fact that I will be rearranging one of those songs): I will be sending you much more of the project once you reply and we work things out
  10. Here's a quick rpg theme I recently composed. It is supposed to emulate a scene where the protagonists of the story are reflecting around a campfire and under the stars (hence the sequenced synth at the beginning and the end). All feedback is welcome :D.
  11. Hey, Schematist! Have been listening to your stuff for a few years now. This piece definitely has the 'Schematist' sound, something that I have come to recognize more and more as I listen to every release. Keep it up ^.^. The guitar samples are very nice and at some points sound realistic, especially those rhythm guitars. I do enjoy the symphony/brass/rock band arrangement each section does work with each other as well as complements each other ~ not to mention a clean mix where every instrument is robust yet clear. The title "Calm Divide" matches the piece very well as I do get a sense of calmness from the strings/synth sections as well as a tad bit of angst from the guitars/drums/brass all at a medium paced tempo (not too fast yet not too slow). This battle song is very interesting I can see this being outside of a castle - during times of peace, fighting random monsters and what not. It's not too serious but not too light. Maybe a possible mini boss battle? Anyways, looking forward to hearing more ^.^
  12. I don't know where you're going with this, but it's interesting none the less. In my opinion, the heart beat is a bit intrusive and drowns out a beautiful piece (maybe it's just my monitors). I'm not precisely sure as to how you would deal with it since it seems intentional. Some ideas: you could either fade out the heartbeat after the beginning and bring it back in the end or you could represent a heart beat within the actual song with some sort of bass or percussion, but, as of now, it's not working for me. I think the ending is good but abrupt. The flat lining sound of an EKG monitor worked well with the abrupt ending so that makes it a pass in my book. I do commend the ambition (as I would consider myself an ambitious person also). As I digress, try to look at the low end of your mix. Looking past the heart beat, it seems to be lacking a lot of bass and definition in that area making the mix very flat.
  13. A song inspired by classic 90s anime openings. I've been working on this track for a while. the mix is almost finalized, I'm only waiting on finding a saxophonist who'd be willing to record the saxophone parts. For now, the DVS VST will have to suffice. Please feel free to leave any feedback. All constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, thanks.
  14. Hello, all! I am currently working on an original song that might turn into an EP and I am in need of a tenor and/or alto saxophonist and a violinist who are willing to collaborate! I can't really afford to pay as I am a poor bastard, however, you will definitely be credited for your work. I will also be forever in your debt and be willing to give you a hand on your projects as well (my specialty being electric guitars and composition). The parts for the saxophone and violin have already been written and produced with midi instruments. I now need them to be recorded with the real deal; however, if you feel like a section can be improved upon then feel free to give me your input! The genre is instrumental rock with string, synth and jazzy elements. If you like what your hear and want to participate feel free to reply to this post or PM me. I will then give you a version where your instrument is brought up in the mix to help the accelerate the process. Here is the draft of the current song I'm working on. Thanks and Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/g63akvicszv62l9/JRock+Song+v1.7.mp3 - Matt
  15. Not bad, I do get a KH vibe a little. Some notes sound a little dissonant within the melodies, but I like the concept. I think it's cut too short; however, I'm going to assume you're not finished with this piece. Look at humanizing the drums and instruments, right now they sound extremely robotic and sequenced. With the arrangement you picked for the instruments, it's best to have the most organic sound and feeling you can get. I would really look at your mix and watch the peak levels. The drums sound distorted and over power the track. The mix is a bit muddy too. Some frequencies need to be cut, I'd say for now look at cutting out the lowest frequencies to get rid of the rumble and the highest frequencies to cut out that piercing sound. Try to EQ the instruments and add compression. The drums overall need to be compressed (especially the toms and symbols). It can be a bit daunting (I would still call my self a beginner in the mixing/mastering area), but there are some great tutorials on Youtube that could really help you out :-). Keep working at it! You have potential to make some cool stuff :-).
  16. Have a couple songs I've been working on that may go on an EP next year. The include original content and covers of classic Christmas Carols including: White Christmas, Oh Holy Night, Oh Come, Oh Come, Emanuel and Carol of bells. All feedback is welcome and appreciated! Thanks!
  17. I really like the sound you are going for here, but I feel like I need more context to really give good feed back. The tracks, in my opinion, need a hook. It lacks a lead melody right now. For the title theme, create a hook for us to connect the game with (in musical terms we call this motif or a theme). I do believe this is a space themed game (judging from the album artwork), and I think the music does fit the genre. Nice! The final battle theme needs to be more epic sounding. I need to feel like everything we're fighting for is on the line and that we are truly in a dire situation when fighting the final boss. Again, because of lack of context I can't really judge how epic this sounds in relation to the rest of the soundtrack. This track will need to stand out from the rest as this will be the most important battle of the game; a battle that will lead to the resolution and tie up loose ends. Overall you have a good start and the arrangements are consistent. I can get a picture of what the entire soundtrack will sound like from these two songs. Looking forward to see this develop.
  18. @The Nikanoru Thanks for the listen! I can agree with the fact that this needs proper mastering. I'm still fairly new to the game and trying to understand as much as I can on my own. Since I've released this, I've noticed that the sound peaks on some audio devices. It was a lot worse the first time around. It sounds fine on all of my speakers/headphones. I've noticed that the hi-hats and sounded very distorted when I tweaked with the reverb on the drum kit. I haven't gone back and fixed any of it (and tried to fix as much as I could in Isotope), but if I can get enough support for this track I may just do that (or find someone to master it for me) . As for now this is the final product and I am only going to move forward from here (and apply everything I've learned to my next project). As for the drum kit programming, I'm going to be selling some of my guitar equipment to invest in an electronic drum kit. I just happened to luck out and have a best friend who is an amazing drummer in all aspects! As for the ending theme: Inspiration. I was really trying to portray that at 6:34 when I brought back that little motif. This is the scene where the main character is running from the aliens and as he runs through the forest and spark of inspiration surges through him and he is now motivated to continue living. I know that I the description I wrote was vague. I actually have a text file with the entire story on it. Yes! @classic_gamer_76 is an amazing person to work with . He has great patience!
  19. @CGrail Hey man! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I can definitely agree on improving the drums, it currently isn't my forte. I "think" I have improved on them over the last year, but I can definitely keep pushing it forward (or take the easy way out and have someone humanize them for me ;P). it makes me happy that you enjoyed the project! It was definitely something new that I wanted to pursue. My good friend @classic_gamer_76 did the modifications for the synth leads and I think he did an awesome job. Thanks for the listen!
  20. This is a little ambitious project I've been working on lately for Halloween. The song is supposed to portray a man waking up in a mysterious forest after a night of binge drinking out of depression. As the man wanders through this forest looking for a way out, he has inner battles with himself about who he his as a person. At night this causes him to hallucinate his fears. It actually gets pretty crazy and ends with him running into a small alien scout group. The man eventually escapes them at the end. From this moment the main realizes what he needed in life: Inspiration. Enjoy and don't be afraid to leave feedback. Happy October!
  21. My latest project. This one was fun and really up beat. All critique is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks
  22. Gotta love them classic 90s bass lines! It's Interesting how you mixed the strings with midi bass and chiptune. Not sure if it works, but I think I like it haha.
  23. So, I may be doing a soundtrack for a friends game whenever it goes into production. I based this song off of the modern sonic themes, specifically supposed to fit an island theme. Feedback would be gladly accepted, as I know this isn't completely perfect...yet.
  24. This is freaking awesome! But I think it should be under the remix thread O.o
  25. Thanks to @classic_gamer_76 for bringing this old song back and doing some re-arrangements!
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