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Hi OCRemix Community,

I want to request a videogame song today, which sadly hasn't been covered (yet?)...
The game - and the whole franchise - hasn't been covered by the community at all.

I'm referring to Ar tonelico, a JRPG franchise which heavely builds upon the idea of creating magic through songs.
The game world and the story is amazing, although the graphics look a little dated today - but still, it has the best game soundtracks I know.
Sadly, the franchise is pretty obscure and niche, so the fandom in Japan is pretty small (but diehard!) - and even smaller in the west.

So I'm requesting a remix of one of the songs from the first game and hope that somebody wants to pick it up.
I don't have any idea what's possible to do with this song, so I'm hoping that you guys will be as creative as always.

PS: The lyrics in this song is in "hymmnos", a made up language from the Ar tonelico universe.

PPS: The song title isn't just random cool gibberish tech-stuff: In the world of Ar tonelico magic is cast by chanting songs which are actually commands for a gigantic computer which creates the magic for the singer.

Cheers, incko

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