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  1. Hi again, The next song I want to request is from a game which has been released last year in the west. Most of the information from my other thread is relevant for this request, too, so I'm quoting myself: The difference is, that this franchise is younger "newer" than Ar tonelico: It has been released last year in the west. And this song isn't in hymmnos, but in japanese - and it features many "command lines" as lyrics, too. Just listen to it, maybe a community member here is able to create something amazing based on this song. Cheers, incko
  2. Hi OCRemix Community, I want to request a videogame song today, which sadly hasn't been covered (yet?)... The game - and the whole franchise - hasn't been covered by the community at all. I'm referring to Ar tonelico, a JRPG franchise which heavely builds upon the idea of creating magic through songs. The game world and the story is amazing, although the graphics look a little dated today - but still, it has the best game soundtracks I know. Sadly, the franchise is pretty obscure and niche, so the fandom in Japan is pretty small (but diehard!) - and even smaller in the west. So
  3. I'm one dungeon ahead of you, and obtained the second flame yesterday night. you want a fully functioning dungeon? well wait until the next tempel, which isn't a temple in fact, but functioning quite well (timestone, anyone?) another interesting note about skyward sword is the main theme. but because I don't want to type erverything again (and copy pasting the same text in the same forum twice is also stupid), I simply link my request thread here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=822299#post822299 you can read everything about the message in the main theme of skyward sword there
  4. first of all, I'm a huge fan of ocremix, but this is my very first post on this site so let me congratulate you guys for all the great work you are doing. now to my request, it may sound odd at first but let me explain it in deatail, as a huge zelda ocarina of time fan I am quite pleased with the hidden "main theme" of the new skyward sword game. for those of you who haven't played the game yet, or simply were not aware of this: 1) the normal main theme "ballad of the goddess" 2) the reversed version (which becomes really great after 57 seconds) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAHimC
  5. 2 days ago i found this song on youtube under the name of "rose of may" and downloaded it. the artist is great, incredible, and today i find out that she's now registered here, oh i really hoper that you'll upload some more of your worke herer!!! mfg incko
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