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Alpha/Beta testers needed for upcoming indie game

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Hey guys!  I'm developing a free indie game, and I'm looking for a few people who'd like to try it.  Specifically, I need people who can record video of their gameplay, and then send me the video(s) so I can improve the game's difficulty/balance.  Basically, a public beta is almost ready, but first I need a few guinea pigs to help me fine-tune the difficulty and such before the public beta release.

About the game: It doesn't quite fit in exactly one genre, but it's most like a vertical/horizontal space shmup/shooter - currently I'm calling it an "intense action strategy shooter".  The game is difficult and more geared towards hardcore retro gamers, but there are literally 8 difficulty levels right now, so I'm hoping less-skilled players will enjoy it too.  And it features (in my opinion) kick-ass music from some really really cool artists who were kind enough to let me use their songs.  The title of the game is "Please Be An Space Fighter Pilot", and its style is rather retro and weird and silly.  (You won't find any information about it online yet, but I may later post some screenshots to this thread!)


The game is single-player, made for desktop/PC, and requires a keyboard (although technically you can use a controller/joystick via JoyToKey for example).  It's an HTML5 game, programmed in javascript, and can be played in any browser (although Internet Explorer is not recommended for this particular game... or ever).  Also, I've yet to test Safari because I don't have a Mac to test on, so if anyone wants to try it in Safari, that would be awesome! (Might be good to play it in another browser first though, to first see what it's *supposed* to look & sound like, in case safari has bugs!)  So far it's been tested in Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

I'm planning to release the eventual public beta on indie games website GameJolt.com, but I may release later versions on other sites as well, such as itch.io and Newgrounds.  The game will be completely free in all forms (and no purchasable DLC or anything like that either).


If anyone's interested in trying the game, I can send you a private link to download the game in the form of a .zip file (basically the .zip contains an .html file, along with the javascript, music and sprites, and you can run the .html file in whatever browser you choose).  (Or if you have a gmail.com email address, I can send the .zip via Google Drive if you prefer.)  I'd like to ask that you don't distribute the game to anyone else though, and that you don't distribute or stream any videos you record - if I felt the game was 100% ready to show to the world, I would be releasing the public beta today :) Also, feel free to record voice commentary on your video if you like, but it definitely isn't required.  And of course I'll be listening intently to any suggestions and written feedback you send, both praise and criticism will be extremely helpful!


(Side-note: If anyone knows of any other websites where I should maybe look for testers, please let me know, because I have no idea where to look!  Hopefully I can get enough testers from OCR, but if not, I'm thinking of posting to GameJolt.com forums, since that's where I'll be hosting the game, and devs have asked for testers there in the past.)

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Huzzah, some screenshots!  I was thinking of posting a few more that I took, but actually, at this point I'd like to avoid spoiling too much!  I might post the rest when it goes into public beta.

Also, is there anyone interested in trying the game but *not* willing to record video?  There may have been enough non-video testers already, but... might not hurt to have a few more I guess if anyone really wants to try it but can't record video =)

Anyway I just realized/discovered that r/gamedev on reddit exists - someone there might know how to find more testers, I think I might ask there!  Or maybe someone there will want to try it =)

Also got 1 OCR tester so far, yay!










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