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Phantoms Fill The Southern Skies [Book Release]

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Good afternoon, I humbly represent a new item of consumer interest bearing my name to my friends, associates, rivals and visitors to OCremix for your consideration as an addition to your private library.


This here grimoire is my contribution to Southern folklore, 212 pages of "non-fiction" (in quotations for a reason) paranormal accounts throughout the histories of Tennessee, Kentucky, both Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. This is a project I'd been working on and waiting on since September 2013, investing much time into perfecting a tome that met the high quality standards I had for it. Some of them are famous and are relatively tame to make for relaxing reading, and others are obscure, absolutely bonkers tales of supernal insanity.

And unlike many peer titles in this genre, I took the time to research and provide skeptical analysis to many entries in here. Some simply amount to fun stories that couldn't have possibly happened in real life, but others are much more vague, and at least one of the weirdest items in this book is certified FACT - it really happened!

Link of it is in the picture above but I'll post it here too:


I'm not yet sure if an e-book version is coming out, I'm waiting to hear back on it. I'll update this here post when I know for sure.

Thank you and please enjoy.

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Ah, c'mon - nothing? :P

I mean I know self-publishing merchandise on here has fallen out of interest in general, but no response? Not even a like? Not even a poop emoji? Not even a "hey Meteo what are you doing in bed with my wife?" "This isn't a bed, it's a pile of a blankets, pillows and comforters because we couldn't be arsed to make a bed right now." "Ok, carry on then."?

May your illiteracy be the genesis to your downfall, plebs! :banghead:

Wait, do we even get poop emojis?

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Congrats on the book release. I would poop emoji the hell out of your book and post if it was possible to do that in real life. 


Ain't nobody going to pay $18 for your paperback! I wouldn't even pay that much for a Dean Koontz or Stephen King or John Grisham or Whoever-wrote-50-shades-of-gray paperback. And I doubt your book is on the same level of eroticism as 50 shades of gray. Probably more like "a few shades of white", not to get too controversial, but to express the missionary position-esque excitement expressed by your book of scary tales. 

I dunno, I'm just being silly, because you're always silly. But I'll never be able to match your silliness.

Post when the 99 cent Kindle Edition is released ;) 

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I'm also waiting on info about an electronic version. It's a bigger book than I expected it would be, about 212 pages when I was expecting it'd come out to be somewhere in the 160s, so that's where some of the price comes from. The other justification, at the risk of sounding like a real estate agent, is the quality assurance that went in to it. I must've proofread and edited it 5 times at least. Researching for a week's worth of hours into content, cross-referencing it with critical analysis (finding material to debunk certain out-there bits with), writing it with all the focused intensity and fury of a mad ronin rampaging through feudal Japan before the Devils of Kimon take him out themselves, and even doing the cover artwork - just because the quality standards had to be high.

You say $18.00 is too high, I say YOU'RE too high! We all talk about supporting independent artists and making sure they get paid for what they provide the world... until an independent someone releases something more than $0.99. What would our founding fathers say about this egregious liberal corporatism? Is this a country run by Donald Trump, Walmart and Rupert Murdoch? NO SIR, this is America! America was built by writers - Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Meteo Xavier!

Don't support Communist Ontario, Strader, support America!


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On 2/27/2016 at 1:41 PM, Meteo Xavier said:

We all talk about supporting independent artists and making sure they get paid for what they provide the world... until an independent someone releases something more than $0.99.

Don't let the lack of responses here get to you, MX. Lots of people try to point to something of theirs that ends up getting little, if any, attention on the OCR forums. Games, remixes, original music, articles, artwork, opinions, stories... it happens with all of them. Sure, it's nice to have someone go :nicework: and pat you on the back for your accomplishment, but even in jest, comments like the above can come off sounding rather bitter and/or resentful.

That said, hope your e-book sells well, MX. Especially as Halloween gets closer.

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I bought your last book, haven't quite read it yet, did a little bit but not far. You're asking me to buy this just based on..... what, our "friendship"? The fact that we're both on OCR? The fact that I don't take no shit? Telling me on facebook, "Go buy it you horsecock"? Did you really think any of that stuff is a legitimate reason for me to buy your book?

....'cause maybe it is. 

But you had BETTER pay it forward.

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That and the general difficulty and fickle nature of advertising creative works. C'mon Strader, it's just a joke. I'm not sure if you're actually saying you're buying it there or not, so a humorous jaunt into surreality is my default there.

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