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Magmoor Caverns - Metroid Prime ORCHESTRAL version


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Truth to be told... not a lot of "orchestra" in there. When I think of orchestra, I think of grand soundscapes, lots of instruments, a certain "epic" feeling and a conductor who is busy conducting the orchestra in my mind's eye, even if I can't see it. I'm missing all of that here. The piano and violin are a start, but they fail to uplift the mix in a way one comes to expect from the Magmoor Caverns. Adding at least a Double Bass and a clearly defined percussion line will result in a more orchestral sounding piece than what it is now. All in all, I think I'd describe the piece as a bit bland.

Seeing as this apparently was done in one and a half hour, it's not bad, but it could've used at least one or two extra instruments to create a more interesting soundscape.

My two cents, ofcourse...

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