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  1. I play Xenogears for the 1st time in this last summer. I love Mitsuda's Work
  2. Hello I would like to do "Between Life and Death" (死線) please ^^
  3. Hey guys ( and girls) I have just finished my EP and I want just some opinion about my creation ! Don't be rube =p I began to compose in february. I think that Ep can be in a video game XD Natural Balance Thx !
  4. Hum Interesting, Yeah the term "Quatuor" is better no ? I don't like the percussion on the original sound they are in the 1st ground Thx for you advice I apreciate that !
  5. Hi there MisterMv did a competition in "Remix live " a french composer community. The theme was Magmoor Carverns for 1h30 deadline ! I hope you enjoyed that ! Magmoor Caverns - Metroid Prime ORCHESTRAL version
  6. Oh ? Yeah this is wright I play the timb in the same pattern then the Piano ! I'll try something different ! Thx for your advice ! ps: Sorry for my bad english XD
  7. Hello there, I'm a newcomer on this Great Community and I want to share my composition and I want some advice etc etc ( I don't know where I can introduce myself if someone can) This is my 1st Compo. I start on cubase since december Here Thx ~
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