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League of Legends Login Theme Remix


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Background Info: So I have always been wanting to participate in some of the remix competitions here, but find that school takes up a lot of my time. Especially so each time Riot Games releases a new champion for the game. Often times they tease the champ, and then release them onto the Public Beta Environment to test them out before shipping to the live server. After about a week the PBE will be updated with a login screen and theme to herald their arrival. 

From the day they update with the login theme I know I have about 2 weeks, if not less, till they come out on live servers. I haven't seen a lot of remixes for these login themes for anyone, so I started challenging myself (cause being stressed out is so good and all) to remix their themes and uploaded before, or on the same day they are released. (so if you want to check out what I have done so far then check out my youtube)

But I guess I am posting here for one specific remix. Taliyah is the most recent champ to hit League of Legends and SOMEHOW through finals week, I decided to remix her theme over the weekend. So here it is, ask questions, leave comments and feedback because the reason I remix is to get better! Thanks!!

Bits of info on the piece: Dubstep?chill? Like a mix of them both. I use FL Studio. I did not make the growls (the individual growls, I did to the composition side of it of course and the main bass, which is fl slayer then distorted and chopped off the low end to add a sub), yes the original track was used, I always incorporate the original track in my remixes. Her quotes were taken from the wiki page about her and then many many many filters and effects or modulated/chopped up, but all quotes are from her.               I hope none of that feels defensive, I just want to give as much info as possible. If I only get good reviews, then I'm not going to change, and I Want To Improve!! :) Thanks again


Here's the original to compare


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Wanted to include the original source for comparison
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