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Overwatch Theme


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Woo000 Overwatch! Been planning on remixing this myself!

Anyway, I'm going to assume you're looking for feedback? If so here are my critiques

1. The orchestral samples sound fairly fake and the intro takes much too long. Like, the violin crescendos sound choked/way too fast and the strings don't seem to sweep. They sort of "dip" in volume at the end of each chord really quickly. I'm not sure what you're using, but consider another modwheel pass there.

2. Everything is way too central. You've got toms in the center or very close to it, piano, lead guitar, etc. Pan stuff, but keep the low frequencies central. 

3. The mix doesn't seem like it knows exactly what it wants to be. You start off orchestral, then go to a sort of metal vibe, then orchestral-metal then a sort of a dance beat. Couple that with the fact that there is essentially no build-up or fill before the rock starts and it all just feels very disjointed.

4. Obviously, you put your own spin on it, but the source is not very identifiable in much of the track. Like, your intervals are similar, but it's really not the Overwatch victory theme. Not to sound harsh, but if you hadn't labeled it as such, I probably wouldn't have guessed right away what it was a remix of. If you plan on submitting, I'd recommend making it closer to the original melodies.

Compare to the source for reference!


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