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Dog ending song from SIlent Hill 2

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I am actually surprised that there are no remixes of the Dog Ending song from Silent Hill 2!

It is obviously a joke kind of track, but still very catchy. I'm sure there is a great range of possibilities one could do with it (and not necessary in the comedy genre).


To add a constructive suggestion, I think something like ska/punk would work really well here. But a dramatic orchestral variation could also be possible and very surprising!

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Ahahahaha, first time I see it! :D This reminds me a bit of that one guy who edited his cat's meows into the tune of Game of Thrones opening.

...Man, this video works really well, damn. ... Actually... if a remixer where to expand on the Dog Ending Song in a similar way to this dog video... that would work, too! Especially with some smooth jazz undertones!!!! :-D

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