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  1. Would love to see peoples interpretations of BALAN WONDERWORLD that was just revealed. its only a short clip and you can find the english vocals down the bottom of this webpage, just hit the "touch start" button.
  2. "Burning Shine" Sounds like you need cream for that lol
  3. Ok so Sonic Music has been very thin of late, I challenge you to an 80's synthwave of Ice Cap Zone
  4. wow! this is beautiful! and you probably know you did a good job with this one
  5. Hey this is great! just a personal gripe, at times it feels like each instrument is fighting for attention, but that is just me and im no expert on sound, something to think about anyways. Great Job!
  6. really good track and the vocals are ok, but personally i hate that style of vocal in songs. any chance of reposting it without the vocals?
  7. literally listening to this while i have my morning coffee... feelz
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