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  1. Always loved this track, never got to comment on it till now. What I wanted to say all this time (aside from the obligatory praise - this is an excellent piece of music!): the ending part here reminds me of how one of the remixes/versions for Björk's "All Is Full of Love" ends, though I think it is some sort of accordion used in her piece? But the sound quality and style of melody (or sound, lacking musical vocabulary here) is quite similar. Considering how much I love that song in that particular version, I could not help but love this remix of Terra as well!
  2. To think that Anti-Syne did something that is essentially a synthwave remix back in 2012 is quite amazing! Been one of my favorite FF7 remixes since back then, no question!
  3. This is really very lovely! The arrangement reminds me - in a sense of having similar feeling, a bit of Yasunori Matsuda's work (selected Chrono Cross pieces in particular).
  4. Umm, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I was wondering why "Rebirth" is no among individually featured remixes anymore? It was one of my favorite tracks...
  5. This is really great, it really has a flair of a "Western"-metal!
  6. Well, I'll be damned. I went and re-read my original comment and it is funny, cause now that I am listening to the updated version, I actually really like Matt's vocals! And I also like his performance, kind of makes me think of some of the male characters in the game, actually. His voice and the instruments mesh much better in this version, everything is more organic. The recording quality of vocals sounds OK to me, too. But it might be an idea to maybe apply some sound effects/filters or whatever to them in some places, maybe layering or so... I still feel that the .. um.. bells, (marimba??) are not quite well placed. Though the bell sound is lovely in itself and very fitting for a Xeno-soundtrack, it seems a bit awkward in some points, again when there are vocals. Maybe you could tone down it during the vocal parts? It does sound very, very lovely during the non-vocal parts! Love the overall choice of instruments and the bass doesn't seem to heavy to me. Would definitely love to see this getting even more polished! Thanks for keeping at it!
  7. Wow, the didgeridoo of evil! Definitely a concept mix, not necessary something I can see myself listening to in the background, but very interesting and definitely excellently expanding on the source material (by which I mean here not just the track, but the character and his place in the game's story).
  8. Wow, this remix is way too underappreciated, it has the best feeling and sensibilities of something done by John Williams, no less!
  9. I knew that I'll love this from the very first notes on, because I could already hear that the remix will keep that specific sound coloration/quality of the original with the virtuosity and creativity typical for Tetrimino! I was absolutely not disappointed!!!!
  10. A good Secret of Mana piece is always a joy, and this is a very good one! All the sources are really well woven together, the mood is simply wonderful! Thank you so much, for making this @AeroZ!
  11. I've been hyped for this since 2008!!! (Long time lurker)
  12. Added a suggestion regarding possible genre, though I think that a track like this can be taken in any direction. Nothing (particularly) wrong with making it as dark and melancholic as the original soundtrack either.
  13. Did not know that DrumUltimA sings and... woah.. This went straight to the "most favorites ever!" list. The atmosphere is really exceptional and the autotune definitely adds a great interesting acoustic touch (at least for my musically illiterate ears) to the song to make it stand out even more. Love it!
  14. This is absolutely brilliant, I love the "britpopness" of it from the first note! I would not hesitate to name this as an example of the genre that has everything quintessential to it, while avoiding the dreadful "here's Wonderwall" cliche! (....I am no musical expert though. :/ But I know what I like when I hear it! )
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