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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Sylvalum (46-:ri9)

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So... I love Xenoblade X and its soundtrack, too, so it's very exciting to see a remix/arrangement of its tracks!

The other thing is that I have very minimal technical knowledge of music, so feel free to take my feedback with a grain of salt, since I'm giving it not as a musician but just as a listener.

So, I think that there is a cool idea underlying to your mix, but it does not translate very well yet. The pause sections feel a bit too long, as if these would be three different music pieces put together in one file. Also, the sound (mixing?) itself needs a lot of adjustment, I'm not sure if that might be due to the instrument samples, though. The violin parts near the end of the first part before the pause sound really good (though a bit shrill/very loud compared to the rest), but the piano (?) and/or other instruments sound a bit hollow, like if they were in a different room, I think. The quicker and dramatic sequence between roughly 1:32 and 1:47 sounds kind of too quick/rapid compared to the slower parts of the track. I understand that it is purposefully so and that one track can very well have slow and quick parts in it, but this sounds rather disjointed, maybe there is a way to harmonize them somehow better? (Sorry, would really love to know what might help with that.)  And it seems a bit like it's all over the place, but I unfortunately do not quite know, what to do to make that better. :S

But flute-like opening is quite lovely still, and the dramatic "ooooh" part that comes directly afterwards. The piano solo (?) part around 0:55 is sweet as well (hollow sound aside), makes me think of Seiken Densetsu 3 soundtrack (Witchmakers).

I would love to see you finish the track though!   (Sorry if my feedback is not very constructive/helpful. :/ )

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Please don't feel self-conscious about giving feedback, your impressions are definitely helpful.

I agree with pretty much everything you've pointed out about the general structure - there's too many discrete pauses between sections, and changes in tempo and dynamics are often too abrupt. I'll have to work on that other section you pointed out more comprehensively as well, since the jarring acceleration is only one of its problems. I'll try to target those issues and potentially release an updated version if I manage to make any progress.

I'll keep the mixing and production problems in mind as well, but I'm kind of lost as to how I should go about addressing my deficiencies in that area.

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