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Undertale - Waterfall - Post-Rock/Prog-Metal/Atmospheric (FFO: Tool, Russian Circles, Porcupine Tree)

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This is sweet. Why does everything seem so far away though in the mix? That makes it sound REAAAAAAALLY muddy, and I'm not sure what you did there. The drums are distant and lack impact, the bass is alright and upfront-ish compared to everything else.. does it have reverb on it too? The rhythm guitars are leveled lower to be consistent with the drums / lower than the bass... it's a MESS!! Really cool remix though. It'd be cool to hear a total revamp of the mixing and master. Glad to see you guys working again :D 

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Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your input on the song! I would contest you in several points in your post, most specifically that using the word "muddy" frequently implies that some parts of the mix are not clearly audible. It *is* a very dark mix, however, it was stylistically built that way (a la "brooding and ominous" above). I do agree with you that I would have liked for the final product to have come out more "spacious" and less "distant", if you know what I mean.

In reference to the quieter guitar tracks - because we use so many tracks in each project, I often utilize a "wall of sound" approach when mixing dense guitar or keyboard tracks, where certain tracks are used more to provide texture and depth. It is an uncommon practice, but when done correctly it provides the track with a sense of scale unmatched by having all of the individual tracks up-front in the mix.

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