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  1. Thanks! ...but almost everything in this track is live. The only software tracks are the sawtooth lead, choir pad and strings
  2. Here's the final product by the way, in case anyone is interested: Just let me know when we need to send the .wav over
  3. Good to hear from you, dude. Our track is ready to go as soon as you're ready to take it.
  4. Dude you basically just summed up my mantra for the band. I've written some derivative charts for us before (and will continue to occasionally), but my main goal has always been to focus on a fun and unique sound while also digging deeper into the material. It always feels good when someone acknowledges that, so thanks.
  5. I believe Señor Jankerson was referring to us specifically. Tracks meaning instrument tracks, not songs.
  6. @Gario Perhaps we hear any given arrangement so many times in writing, learning and playing that things like that become skewed haha. Something to work on then. edit: both this account and Mannywing are me btw. I just popped in with that one since Hank flagged it down
  7. Wow, thanks for the in-depth response. Gonna mull this over with @HankTheSpankTankJankerson - get back to you later this week?
  8. Hey everyone! Just kinda looking for some general feedback on this one, as it won't be getting any more edits. Thanks! (also BIG shoutout to Marc P. for comin through with the Horn section) Sources: Bonetrousle Dating Start! Dating Tense! Dating Fight!
  9. We're still in for Buoy Base Galaxy. Currently disabled though, as we are in the process of relocating the studio and replacing certain gear. I will touch base when we are up and running again.
  10. Hey. LBC here with some more Undermemes, hot off the press. I think this was some of the most fun we've had recording! This arrangement is particularly wild and definitely ran the risk of getting way out of control, but I think we managed to hold it together. Any feedback is appreciated. Stay saxy my friends! Source
  11. FARMER DAN EMERGES Gonna have to go with Daniel on this one. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this, or pick out a specific spot for me?
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