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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Battle with Smithy | Metal Remix


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Your drums are really poor.  I figure the focus is more on the guitar/guitar playing, but the kit is just weak both in terms of the mechanical sequencing and mixing.

1:45 is very awkward.  Feels like one song just ends and a new one starts, and the way you introduce the other guitars during this part seem very random.

I'm not big into the metal genre, so I'm not sure if it's the mixing or the recording (or the performance) but sections like 2:25 seems over saturated, everything is trying to play on top of each other.

2:46 wasn't as awkward, but it still seemed like a weird transition.

Hopefully someone with more interest and experience in the genre can elaborate better.  I hope this project was good practice for you.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback, Skrypnyk. Yeah, this is one of my earlier videos, so I hadn't fully gotten my mixing down yet. Tones and EQ's are much more even on later videos of mine if you ever care to check them out.

The abrupt stop/transition into the next part mirrors how it happens in the game; both parts aren't typically presented together when someone does a cover. I understand you're not that into metal, but that's a staple in a lot of metal songs—abrupt stop and starts and the like.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, though! :D

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I like the arrangement, but I think it needs to be tighter and faster to create the effect you are looking for. I also think you should lose the phase shifter effect on the rhythm guitar - it makes the background sound really muddy.

The sudden stop at 1:40 sounds really out of place and throws the feel of the beat way out; however, I think this could be good with the correct transition. Maybe listen to some of the medleys on the more metal-heavy albums (I'd actually recommend goat's 'Scourge of 1691' or 'Creeping Dusk' from his 'Unchosen Paths' album) to see what I mean.

I like the layered effect this leaves and the distinctive difference in sound from the backup-lead and lead guitar parts. Very cool if you can get this right!

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