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Bloody Tears (Castlevania II) Outrun Cover


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Hey guys, new member here. I made this cover/remix a while ago but couldn't post it until now (the sign up process took a while).

This is one of my fav chiptune songs of all time, and I decided it'd be fun to give it the synthwave 80s spin, let me know what you think:

alternative soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/masquerader8/bloody-tears-outrun-cover-castlevania-ii

Thank you for listening, see you around.


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I know that Outrun relies on 80s sounds, but the drums feel a bit lifeless both in reference to the quality of samples (or maybe EQing of those samples) and with the "performance" itself. I definitely feel that even without changing the samples themselves, you could get a whole lot of mileage with both some considered use of velocity and some additional pattern humanisation.

The crash especially stands out as a tad underwhelming. More often than not, you definitely want to stick either a kick or a snare under a crash for a more complete sound. There's plenty of times where you have, but the times where you haven't feel pretty iffy. Besides that, the crash is also missing some snap. If you're wedded to that particular sound, you could maybe try pitching it up a bit and also layering a sharp transient from another hat or something to really accentuate the initial crack. Failing that, either compression with a bit of attack or a transient shaper will really give the initial transient more power.

I absolutely love the synth at around 2 minutes. Classic synthwave fat line bass styled stuff, was a little sad when it quickly went away and went back to the original melody. I would certainly exploit that sound more and maybe lead to a different section or something.

Thanks for posting. I love a bit of Synthwave.


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Your choice of synth sound clashes with the percussion, IMO. It sounds really muddy. Also, I can't hear the bass very well in most of the track. 

To me this, this begs for some hair metal guitar solo somewhere in here - but I think that's a personal preference. :)

That being said, I like the style and arrangement, and I agree with shaboogen, the synth at the 2:00 mark is AWESOME.

Great track and I'll be keeping an eye out for updates!


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