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  1. I have a YouTube Red account. Go as hard as you want
  2. Howdy all, thanks for the kind words. To clarify the "first timer" thing, the version that you're hearing is a heavy revision that was 6 months removed from the first one that was submitted. The first submission was literally my first tune using modern production techniques, and was significantly worse Also, while I'm pretty new to modern production techniques (DAWs, VSTs etc) I've played instruments for a lot of years, and also have a not-insignificant amount of experience using trackers. So yeah, let's say "newer", not first Enjoying the props anyway though,
  3. Mate, no need to apologise, nothing wrong with living your priorities. Thanks very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I was purposefully a little conservative volume wise with the lead as some of the feedback I got originally was that it came across a little shrill, but what you're saying makes sense and it can be corrected very easily. The vocal clips were a very last minute addition in order to shore up the intro and the ending and I probably didn't give them the TLC I should have, once again very easy to fix. The things that you're talking about are essentially just down to either adjusting some automation or literally moving a fader, will take me a few minutes to fix when I get home tonight and then I can update the Dropbox link for it easily enough (as I've done once already). Once again, thanks a lot. Take it easy. Marc
  4. Sorry Gario... here it is, did some housekeeping on my Dropbox and deleted that version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogu0kc29bvxe3k0/shaboogen - An Enjoyable Face Remodelling (SSF2 Cammy Remix) (resub 192kbps).mp3?dl=0
  5. Welcome to electronic music production mate, hope you enjoy it. I find it difficult to comment on arrangement, or the quality of any particular sound as your mixdown makes it pretty impossible to hear any distinct sound. It's not meant as a slight by any means, as it's a super common mistake that people make early on (we've all been there). Definitely the place to start here is with balancing. Either some of your elements are way too loud or they just need to go. Look forward to seeing another iteration of this. Thanks
  6. I know that Outrun relies on 80s sounds, but the drums feel a bit lifeless both in reference to the quality of samples (or maybe EQing of those samples) and with the "performance" itself. I definitely feel that even without changing the samples themselves, you could get a whole lot of mileage with both some considered use of velocity and some additional pattern humanisation. The crash especially stands out as a tad underwhelming. More often than not, you definitely want to stick either a kick or a snare under a crash for a more complete sound. There's plenty of times where you have, but the times where you haven't feel pretty iffy. Besides that, the crash is also missing some snap. If you're wedded to that particular sound, you could maybe try pitching it up a bit and also layering a sharp transient from another hat or something to really accentuate the initial crack. Failing that, either compression with a bit of attack or a transient shaper will really give the initial transient more power. I absolutely love the synth at around 2 minutes. Classic synthwave fat line bass styled stuff, was a little sad when it quickly went away and went back to the original melody. I would certainly exploit that sound more and maybe lead to a different section or something. Thanks for posting. I love a bit of Synthwave.
  7. Updated link as my original master had some minor issues that I fixed. Also made the post significantly more readable. Cheers.
  8. Don't know much about any "rules" that the style has so I can't talk about the technicality, but I'm enjoying the hell out of this. Hot AF. Nice job mate, loving it.
  9. Out of interest, what kind of style are you seeking to make here? The BPM seems to place it in the hard trance region. The bass sidechaining seems to also suggest that you're aiming for reverse bass? I feel like some questions about what you're seeking to achieve would help target advice a little better.
  10. Hey All, I submitted a remix of this tune previously but was knocked back and asked to resubmit. My original had a lot of problems so I decided to essentially rebuild it. Before I resubmit, I'd love to get some feedback to see if people think this will pass judgement. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogu0kc29bvxe3k0/shaboogen - An Enjoyable Face Remodelling (SSF2 Cammy Remix) (resub 192kbps).mp3?dl=0 Would appreciate any and all advice or opinions on this. Thanks
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