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Greetings everybody,

I'm usually not used to be active in forums, so I hope you don't mind if I just pop up occasionly, even though I'm not a newbie in making music and remixes and stuff. : 3

My point is, I love to make music and I love to make remixed from games/music and other stuff as well. But there is always something that keeps bothering me for a while and that is currently the main reason why I'm not very active in making game music anymore. I've done a lot of team fortress 2 remixes - not the usuall bonk songs, but pretty decent stuff, because I knew that valve would never try to harm me for honoring their kind of work and products. It's not their kind of company philosophy and image their presenting. But there are quite a lot a different companies and games out there, where I am pretty much afraid to do honor them by making remixes for their games.

I mean, what kind of protection as a private person do i have, if someone shows up and wants to sue me for using any kind of company-product-representative music as a foundation for a good song? I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys already dealt with this kind of stuff and as far as I know, that this side wasn't forced to shut down because of the unquestioned usage of video-game music for remixes - so if I want to make some vg-remix-music, would it be wiser for me just to act in a community or can I upload my stuff on youtube without any worries? I don't use my music to make any kind of money, and I also don't have any current situation, where this came up to me. I am just sick of worring about stuff I have no knowlegde of what might kicks my butt without actually doing something bag. ^^'

It was a long time ago since I wrote so much stuff in English. I hope you guys can understand my intentions nontheless. : P


Ryu Ookami

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I wouldn't just trust Valve like that. Gabe is a petulant dude with a short temper, and Valve has some of the worst customer support of any gaming company. So if you do get screwed by them, you're going to get screwed hard. 

I wouldn't worry about putting mixes on youtube though. Everybody does it. Just don't be trying to sell your remix as a product unless you get it licensed.

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If you don't monetize, you're usually safe.  Valve generally has a good working relationship with the fan creation community (e.g. Black Mesa becoming an actual for-profit mod).  OCR has several Portal remixes and a few Half-Life ones, and there are a bunch of other fan remixes of Valve stuff on YouTube already.

They could take action, of course, but there's no reason to think they will unless you try to monetize.

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