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Sonic The Hedgehog - One Last Lap (Green Hill Zone Theme)(Vector Squad Remix)

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You know, I like the feel of this track, but it's kind of ... meandering.  I think the pace is kind of choppy. Honestly, it feels like Sonic is pacing himself on his last lap - which, as we both know, is something Sonic would never do. :) Maybe keep the main beats (a little muted, perhaps?) coming through in the calmer sections; this might help keep the pace a little more consistent while preserving the feel you are trying to create.

I also think the melody and harmony sounds are too loud when compared to the rest of the soundscape. This is really noticeable in the calmer sections, but doesn't seem as much of an issue as the track picks up the pace.

I'd also say the outro is missing something ... a certain je nes sais pas. Maybe someone else can provide a suggestion ...?  

Now, despite what I say above, I am certainly not an expert on house tracks by any stretch of the imagination, so ignore me if my suggestions don't fit your design.

Good track! I hope to hear updates soon.

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