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  1. Wassup guys! Really need feedback on this track! I plan on adding it to an album. How are the sounds overall, mixing, production, etc. I added ocean and dolphin/whale sounds to give it some extra flavor! This track is from Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future. The track is called "Perils of the Coral Reef" THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT Listen Here: of the Deep Sea (Lofi).mp3?dl=0 This is the track from the actual game:
  2. Whats up guys! Check out the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme with rap vocals! The remix was created by me. Enjoy and prepare to smash! Not sure if I would be able to submit this?? RAP VOCAL REMIX INSTRUMENTAL
  3. This needs to be in the new Zelda game! Kokiri Party! Love the style of this. My only thing is that it seems a bit repetitive in the beginning, I think the beginning is too long. Other than that great job!
  4. Love the melody on this! So chill. The mixing could be better (hi-hats should be louder). I think this would benefit from more reverb in some of the sounds to fill the space. Overall I am jamming! Add some soundscapes as well (ex. whooosh, space sound FX)
  5. Smooth4lyfe1987

    2. ready for review BOY (EDM Remix) (God of War)

    Thanks for the feedback! Yup love to try new styles.
  6. Sup all! When gamers who have played God of War 4 decided to make “Boy”, the name Kratos constantly calls his son Atreus, into a popular meme, Smooth4Lyfe decided to create a remix. Check out the EDM remix called “BOY”, which turns the voice of Kratos into a hot club pumping beat. Hope you like!
  7. Super Mario fans! Check out the vocal version of “New Donk City” from Super Mario Odyssey! The city that never leaps so a funky groove fits the tune! Lets get lit in New Donk City! Enjoy! The instrument I found from Soundcloud, but I decided to put lyrics on it.
  8. “Tetris Love” takes the Tetris Theme and turns it into a catchy, bouncy, and banging dance track. Lyrically, this song compares a beautiful woman to the game of Tetris. The beat then turns into a dance mix of vocal chops and samples. The male vocals are mine. The true perfect piece to complete your Tetris Love! Hopefully I can submit this!
  9. Sup guys! What do you get when you mix Super Mario with Drum n Bass? Something to rock the clubs with! This track takes the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros. and turns it into a club banger with added Ragga vocals, a hot bass-line, and a catchy rhythm. I'm also curious whether is this is close enough to a game remix for review? Anyways enjoy!
  10. Wassup yall! Check out my modernized, vocal remix to “Toasty Buns”, the first stage from Parappa the Rapper 2! If you ever wanted a catchy and jamming way to learn to cook a burger, this is it! Cook them patties and enjoy!
  11. Wassup all! Check out the vocal version of “Cap Kingdom: Bonneton” from Super Mario Odyssey! This had a Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas feel so I tried make the song in such that way! Enjoy!
  12. Pretty good! I was definitely rocking! Good to see another vocalist on here
  13. Smooth4lyfe1987

    3. completed Super Mario Odyssey: Seaside Kingdom (Vocal Mix)

    Thanks dude lol I'm currently playing it now
  14. Super Mario fans!What if Super Mario Odyssey level music with lyrics? I loved the Bubblaine song so much I added lyrics to it! Real smooth, jazzy, and relaxing beach tune. Enjoy! I also did Wooded Kingdom. Hope you guys like it!