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Lemmings - Tailor-made for Blockers theme (Tim 2), SNES

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Here's me toying around with this melody that I've always liked and hardly get tired of listening. 

Original (SNES version):

My take so far:


After playing a bit with it, I'm starting to like it as much as to make it a whole remake song and I feel like sharing what I have so far. Any feedback is always welcome :D

 Cheers and hope you enjoy if you know and like the original :)

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Lemmings was a game I never had the patience to master - I was too busy with Lost Vikings and King Arthur's World at the time I had the opportunity to play and never got back around to it. Loved the soundtrack, from what I heard of it - mostly variations on classical themes, if I remember correctly.

Interesting take on this track. I like the arrangement so far, but those synth sounds are really irritating when they come in, IMO. You start with nice, calm chimes and slow tones, then there's this really jarring synth that comes out of nowhere and kind of upsets the feel.  A bit of compression might fix the effect, but I would choose a different tone, something warmer. ...Of course, by the time you reach 0:39 and the drums kick in, it all fits much better, but still.  :)

I like the progressive intro, bringing in the instruments one at a time, then drums. Good build-up, interested to hear where you take it from here.

Looking forward to v2.

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 Thank you so much for all that valuable feedback! Really appreciated :-)


I made some changes in the intro as you suggested. You really got a point there. Tried to maintain the quiet feel for longer until a softer bass kicks in and then the drums. Tried to soften some of the sharpest synths and I like better how it sounds now so thanks a lot :-)

I plan on following the original pretty closely and I can't wait until I reach the change... I love that last part :-) Ill keep posting while I do more :-)

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Just heard the revision. I like it better too - the sound creates a much smoother transition into 'the groove.'

You're very welcome. Not having gone through any music school, I lack the proper terminology for certain aspects of music, so I tend to use my intuition and couch my opinion in analogy and metaphor; I'm glad you found some of the things I said useful. Thank you for letting me see into your musical process!

... now your track just needs MORE 'groove.' :)

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