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  1. My god, love the pacing and how simple and efffective is in conveying the bittersweet feeling of the original, even more so with that piano playing. Congratulations!
  2. Hey there! A few months ago, I was working on this Lemmings arrangement, one of the original tracks of the game by Tim Wright. I had to stop it, and after recovering it, I then decided I'd go a bit crazy with the looping in the last part of the track, and after trying, I think it really adds to conceiving the ultimate Lemmings experience lol, as in some points, you got them all doing a million useless things just to make them all explode in the end... and it is Oh no! but it's actually a really spectacular effect, visually speaking lol. This is my arrangement: Hope you bounce to it and that it makes you smile Original (SNES version) :
  3. Here I am toying again with an old Lemmings song: Remaking it with Fruity Loops. So far drums are looping but the soundscape is taking shape https://app.box.com/s/z5xw1eqhjk7vj85lt463ojhxg8y8c2mr Feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoy anyway
  4. Second part is starting to get some shape: https://app.box.com/s/z5xw1eqhjk7vj85lt463ojhxg8y8c2mr
  5. Thank you so much for all that valuable feedback! Really appreciated I made some changes in the intro as you suggested. You really got a point there. Tried to maintain the quiet feel for longer until a softer bass kicks in and then the drums. Tried to soften some of the sharpest synths and I like better how it sounds now so thanks a lot I plan on following the original pretty closely and I can't wait until I reach the change... I love that last part Ill keep posting while I do more
  6. Here's me toying around with this melody that I've always liked and hardly get tired of listening. Original (SNES version): https://youtu.be/erYiWe5OnBo My take so far: https://app.box.com/s/z5xw1eqhjk7vj85lt463ojhxg8y8c2mr After playing a bit with it, I'm starting to like it as much as to make it a whole remake song and I feel like sharing what I have so far. Any feedback is always welcome Cheers and hope you enjoy if you know and like the original
  7. Congratulations on finishing it! I love it. Many moments remind me of the Gradius in Classic official arrangements, which is a good good thing Good luck with it. I hope you make it in OCR!!
  8. Goosebumps at the entrance of Pentaro's theme keep it up!!!
  9. I love this!! I myself tried to rearrange Hello Paro-chan, but I'm quite an amateur compared to the wonderful sounds of your orchestra. I'm in awe really. Please finish this, I love the Parodius series (Gradius, Twinbee... all that wonderful music) so it's great to see someone revisit such an underappreciated series nowadays. Konami used to rulle them all, we better remind them Anyway, loved it to bits. Congratulations! PS: BTW, if you're curious and feel like it, this was my take on Hello Paro-chan https://soundcloud.com/kumori1980/parodius-medley-character-selection
  10. Since we are now celebrating 30 years of Gradius, and Konami at the moment is a pale shadow of what it was back then, I'm starting a 'Parodius Da!' Medley in which I'll rearrange the character selection theme, the 4 character themes which are also used in every transition between levels, and I'll finish it up with the continue (still not sure about that one) and ranking themes. Konami at its best. I'll keep posting as I progress. take a listen if you have the interest Original: https://youtu.be/NDssUDCWP8o?list=PL-YBjGrF290TalTD80uaiczfFvTE9pUis https://youtu.be/NDssUDCWP8o?list=PL-YBjGrF290TalTD80uaiczfFvTE9pUis My take; https://app.box.com/s/vfw3w1nplngt2os7ii444514lcsgc2yh Cheers!
  11. Hi there. Recently, I posted a WIP I was working on and now I can say it's finished, it has a proper intro and ending and, if I change something, it'll be some variation to make it less "loopy"... not planning on doing many changes though. Here's the original: And here's my remake: https://app.box.com/s/sw8dpuhhhavv9fyz7bvn I was going for an 80's electronic feel, just as the game "suggested" me to, so I tried using mainly synths, and after listening to it too many times for my own good, I think I like it hahaha. Hope you retrogamers and nostalgic people enjoy ... I'm starting to feel old when too many people don't know what Gradius or Salamander is :S Gotta love good old Konami. Cheers!
  12. Thank you timaeus for your feedback! I'll try taking care of what you noticed, thanks I was actually finding the source material too short to expand, especially given the case I don't have a keyboard at the moment to improvise, so I decided I'd merge stage 5 theme, Burn the Wind, also with this one: they both go very well together IMHO...so I completed remaking Starfield and started the transition and first part of Burn the Wind... https://app.box.com/s/sw8dpuhhhavv9fyz7bvn Still hard to make it sound as I want sometimes, it's a lot of a trial/error process for a "sound illiterate"...
  13. Wow! I'm overblown by strenght! Just as Gunstar Heroes made me feel like. I know that game's soundtrack quite well and I really like your rendition. So good to listen, congrats!
  14. Konami was one of my first gaming loves, and a huge part of it was because of its shooters and their music. I loved this particular theme, never get tired of listening to it, as short and loopy as it is: Original: I want to remake it and make it sound as "futuristic 80s" as I can (Salamander, Gradius and Konami shooters in general always give me that vibe), and this is how it's going so far, just to get the idea of the overall athmosphere: https://app.box.com/s/sw8dpuhhhavv9fyz7bvn Of course, any feedback is really appreciated, especially in terms of mastering , that's always tricky for me. Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy!
  15. I was looking forward to this album for a long time! Knew about it through Dj Mokram, me being a total fan of underappreciated videogame music as he is . As a happy owner of a Genesis and SNES back in the day (still got them) I got to rent and play the best games of the 16-bit gen. Gunstar Heroes is one of the few that keeps coming back, and one of the many reasons why it does is definitely its music. After the Dynamite Headdy album, I am loving to listen to another homage to those semigods in Treasure. And this album does justice to their divinity, it is all I would have expected. The ride has been a bliss since I heard that "Stage Clear" melody. Congratulations to all the remixers/arrangers! And especially to DJ Mokram, very touched after reading the words you wrote up there! You are a badass indeed!
  16. Love the final version! Good luck in getting it posted in OCR! It surely made it to my playlist!
  17. Love the source and love the way you took it to the 21st century. I can't give you any detailed or expertise feedback since I'm still learning, but I can only say that yeah, the drums in this remix are obviously something you want to add variation to, I agree with timaeus, and I also agree on the "finish this!!!" part! love the energy!!!
  18. So grateful that you took such a detailed listen and gave me this feedback. So far I've just been learning to sequence, I'm seeing that... mastering properly is a long way and although I have a good ear, that's not enough... the technical info at some points is a must. I'll try reequalizing the whole thing, now I'm getting some mixing and mastering tools that are supposed to be helpful for a start and I'll go bit by bit over everything you noticed. Thanks a lot man!!
  19. FINAL UPDATE: https://www.box.com/s/49txegvyia67edajvswf I finally got it to sound the way I wanted to. I'm still thinking about adding some more variation to the drums, but I think I like them the way they are now... I'm gonna let it rest for my mental sanity's sake Hope you enjoy! I sure did a lot making it :)And leave a comment if you do, or don't... feedback is very very appreciated being a self-taught "remixer"
  20. UPDATE: https://www.box.com/s/49txegvyia67edajvswf Added the whole song and made it my baby remix (I was always planning on doing that;-))It ends abruptly but I eventually want it to fade-out as the last part without lead repeats itself. Still working on the mastering, some panning I want to fix here and there (especially lowering the volume of the piano and complexer right and left in some sections) adding some little synth touches to increase variety at some points, and planning on filling the percussion a bit more, some ethnic drums maybe... still thinking about it... Anyways the song is over the table as a whole already :-)Thanks for all the feedback before. I tried following your advice but it's still hard to fcknnnnng equalize... Hope you enjoy. Cheers!!
  21. UPDATE: https://www.box.com/s/49txegvyia67edajvswf Tried remastering the whole thing and changed the piano sample into some other better sounding piano soundfont I think...nothing new added in terms of new sections though
  22. Thanks a lot for your really helpful advice! Yeah, I uploaded a new version after having lowered the bass/kick part and I did too much :S The thing is I'm a completely self-learner in terms of music and equalization has always been my nemesis, so your advice is gold to me. Got to say I really hope it turns out to be a decent piece, not aiming for OCremix quality but at least something presentable. I take good note of all you suggested and I'll try applying it to this piece as it progresses! Thank you again! Thank you for your feedback too! As I said, for me equalization is always a b.... Ill try what you suggested, as well as humanizing the piano a bit but yeah, I save that for later, once I get the whole thing down and start minding the little details. Thank you guys for taking your time to listen, really appreciate your comments! Hope I can do justice to this theme. I'll update as soon as I get more done and see if I am able to fix some stuff
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