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Valkyrie Profile Death Metal album preview #1

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This is the first official preview of my Valkyrie Profile Death Metal album. It is not a remix album, but it contains one or two "references" to actual game music in every song. All the lyrics for this album are based on the short stories of the einherjar in Valkyrie Profile. I don't think there is a more DRAMATIC metal album. This clip demonstrates a part with uncommon time signatures.

Album Completion: 50%

Rough Draft: No mixing, no mastering, no vocals, no bass.


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Sounds good, but I'm a sucker for anything in uncommon times and that riff in 5 is quite nice. it flows great and sounds awesome. 

I only have one question. What is up with that snare noise? I love me a nice poppy snare sound (even if it sounds slightly out of place in most metal), but that snare sound is like a woodblock almost. It does say rough draft, so I'm not sure if you plan to keep that specific tone, but I feel that the snare needs a sound that is less poppy and tight. Also, The bass kick has a very shallow feel to it. Something with a little more body to the note instead of just the hit would help make the song seem a little more alive. Just what I personally would do for the production.

Aside from those two minor gripes it sounds amazing

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Thanks, Oneiric. This song was inspired by the song Toccata Finale from the second castle in Symphony of the Night which is also in 5. You'll be happy to know that the drums are just a place holder. Although I think that kick drum is the greatest thing ever, Brandon Strader will be providing the drum samples, unless some amazing drummer wants to live record it for me all for free. If you know anyone like that, let me know Hahaha.

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