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Beacon of Venus (Venus Lighthouse remix)


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I really like the original song, and this version is pretty hype!

My only criticism would fall upon the quieter parts of the remix, I think your transitions tune down the vibe you were carrying before a bit too much, since your dance-ish parts are really nice and energetic, the change is a bit drastic - personally, i would've gone crazy with automations and a bit more bass in those parts.

The previous comment carries on to the introductory part of the song - i think that sinewave/ lead synth and plucked synths choice might come across as a bit harsh since it has a lot of hardcore harmonics in it. In my speakers and headphones, it was just a bit strident. I could've donde with your piano choice, it was really tasteful and a lead melody on that sound would've been nice (In 2:30 or so, you do the piano lead and it's pretty nice!)

Overall it's pretty nice! Keep up the good work 

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