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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I see what you mean about the sync in some instruments. I try to keep editing to the minimum when making this covers, as I play all instruments live and I want to preserve that semblance of "live" performance, but that one moment you mentioned is perfectly understandable, it does stick out! Thank you for the critique and the good faith, will try to be more careful with my timing next time! I'd like to submit something for revision to OC remixes sometime soon, thanks!
  2. Hey guys! I tried to make something different this time, a bit more oriented towards the content of the game, trying to emphasize the cultural origins of each faction in Fire Emblems Fate
  3. Thanks dude! Will take note of the drum mixing suggestion. Glad you liked it!
  4. Another week, another cover! I'd like to hear about Mario songs in this community, Tell me your favorite Mario related songs =)
  5. Hi guys! Here's another cover of a Street Fighter song near and dear to my heart. Please do leave comments and suggestions regarding the arrangement and mixing, i really appreciate those!
  6. Hey again guys! To celebrate that Urien is almost in Street Fighter V, i made a remix using his SFIII stage themes. I hope you enjoy! If you want, like the video and suscribe, that would really mean a lot to me and would enable me to continue this journey =)
  7. I really like the original song, and this version is pretty hype! My only criticism would fall upon the quieter parts of the remix, I think your transitions tune down the vibe you were carrying before a bit too much, since your dance-ish parts are really nice and energetic, the change is a bit drastic - personally, i would've gone crazy with automations and a bit more bass in those parts. The previous comment carries on to the introductory part of the song - i think that sinewave/ lead synth and plucked synths choice might come across as a bit harsh since it has a lot of hardcore harmonics in it. In my speakers and headphones, it was just a bit strident. I could've donde with your piano choice, it was really tasteful and a lead melody on that sound would've been nice (In 2:30 or so, you do the piano lead and it's pretty nice!) Overall it's pretty nice! Keep up the good work
  8. Hey dude! I think this sounds banging for the most! I like your instrumentation and your automation ideas. Personally, i could use a bit less vocals in the beginning, and i think a different chord progression somewhere would make this track a bit more fun! another harmony to distract them ears a bit =) On the mixing side, i have a sub and the bass felt pretty clean, but a bit lacking. Might want to try getting just a little more agressive on the bass/kick side. Listen to the original, it has beast bass freqs that make that breakbeat really pop. Again, this is nice! Keep it up.
  9. Hey man! I think the arrangement is pretty solid, but as said before, i think this mix lacks a bit of presence. I've read a bit of the other comments in this thread, and i think your problem might have been while recording. If you don't have enough headroom to add gain without clipping, you need to look back at your recording levels - i try to aim for -12-15 dB recording levels on most DAWs, giving you plenty of room for gain staging, compression and EQ. If you feel your guitars are too sharp and might cut off your head, i'd normally make cuts around 4Khz and manage that box-like sound with cuts on 300 and 200 hz You could also benefit from focusing on mastering, too. Leave your master levels on your mix around -3 and -6 dB, and then export a WAV and compare it on a new project against mixes from the same genre you like. Then, you can adjust your general gain levels and EQ using these as direct reference! Keep up the good work. StudioOne is a solid tool, and you can only get better if you work hard :)!
  10. Sounds pretty good to me, man! I love the original piece and this one fits the bill pretty well! Pretty Future-Funkish, as you said. Also, i think your mix is pretty clean and your rhythmic choices are adequate for the genre. Keep it up
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