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Note cutoff when rendered (Kontakt)


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I've been exploring some Kontakt libraries lately and I'm getting rendering issues I've never had with Virtual Drumline (which I have been using quite frequently for the last year). 

Some notes are getting cutoff after export, like the note was stopped with an instant release partway through its length. At first I thought it was just sustained notes, but apparently its effecting the sound of cymbals as well. 

Link here.

Trouble spots are 0:19, 0:43, 0:52 (seems to affect both piano and drums), and the hi-hat throughout the 7/8 portion


I would post this on the NI forum but my login doesnt work for that part of the site.

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Sounds like it could be an issue with the polyphony limit. At the top of a Kontakt instrument, there's a field that says Voices: [a number] Max: [another number]. The Max value is adjustable and controls how many samples can be sustained at the same time before Kontakt starts cutting them off. Try setting Max a lot higher for Virtual Drumline and see if that affects anything.

Additionally, you could try doing a real-time render rather than an offline render. It won't fix the root of the problem, but I'm guessing that it will at least give you unglitched output.

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