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Orchestral Dramatic (Please rate!)


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This is quite good. Though, for an emotional track, I do miss some strong treble. I assume, by the picture and description, this is the protagonist's home being destroyed. If it is, I definitely missed a more powerful sense of despair, of being engulfed by a feeling. It sound incomplete. I could see the same track being used for a character going for the all-or-nothing against the final boss.

Now, if this is just some random village being burned, then the feeling is spot on, though you could develop it a little more.

The repeated notes on the strings comments on the later part was... odd. I can see some people not liking it, but I enjoyed it. My major complaint, though, is that the track has no movement. It's basically the same chords over and over for the . This is OK for the build up in the intro, but as it develops more and more, I do miss something else. 

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