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  1. Oh! I actually mixed it up in my head with a complaint I read elsewhere about not feeling creative. Sorry for that and no more post-midnight posting for me. :/
  2. This is not really my type of music, so I can't really judge the track itself, but as a casual listener I have to say that I have heard something very similar a lot of times. Lacking originality might be a problem of referencing and isolating yourself in what you like and know. There's a good video about this problem in Hollywood action blockbusters that may or may not be your case: I had a similar situation two weeks ago: For gaming school project one each student had to come up with a plot for a game. Nothing big, just 3-5 pages. Most students had problems, some couldn't even think about something that was a screaming cliché. I turned in a 13 page plot and apologized to the teacher for only having the backbone due to time constraints. They were surprised and asked me how did I do it. I just told them that I had a lot of references (at least 20 book plot points and arguments, from children's book to hard philosophy, a life long of JRPGs, movies, TV shows, cartoons, animes and tabletop RPGs to get stories from). Try listening to different stuff from different people's recommendations, even if you don't like it. I forced myself to sit down and listen to Bieber and 1D once just to see if I could figure out why they are so successful (turns out they aren't really as shit as people make them sound and can actually sing). This week I'm going with classical composer Tarrega and before that I was having a go at jazz. And before that I had a full Fury Road OST appreciation week. If you are lazy or has time constraint, I recommend a shock theraphy of mathrock/mathmetal to forget whatever you think you know about music: And this is just the tip of the weird stuff. Do PM me if you want some weird stuff to listen to. If you really don't want to go beyond your comfort zone, last option would be listening to remixes of stuff you already like and find out which remixes you dig and which are totally unbearable. This way you can find out what makes the track unique for you and can try working from remixes from that and before you see it, it has become something else. As far as composing goes, I usually feel more comfortable with an audio editor finding the notes and rhythm at random than writing it on paper. But this might be just me. Good luck.
  3. Tango is one of those genres I've kinda heard of everywhere but I've never really paid attention to this until my classical guitar teacher put me to listen to Tarrega and then I stumbled upon this: What are some must-listen tango tracks?
  4. First off, welcome to OCR. Nice to see another Brazilian here. Not a big fan of FFVII, but I enjoyed this thoroughly. It is a really nice track with a constant dissonance that I love. The only thing I didn't like was how bland the strings sounded at 0:36. Not saying it's bad, but I'd consider putting an accent somewhere and/or putting a dissonant harmony to fit the overall mood of the composition and give the edge it seems fitting. Nice going with whatever instrument takes the melody at 1min and 2min.
  5. Wait! I'm not the only one here making a TRPG all by myself starting by the soundtrack!? The second track kicks ass and the chanting in the beginning makes MUCH more sense in it. Though the bass voice still irks me off a bit. Not really sure why, maybe it's something on the renderization of the audio or some technical issue. It might be something that the majority of the people won't get, but being a bass myself and having a story playing bass sax, I'm always wired to pay too much of an attention to the bass lines. Good luck on your game and keep us posted on its update, yes?
  6. They are essentially the same track with different instruments meant to be used in a sequence representing the soundtrack of the very place, but with a different feeling. The heroes go into a back alley to sneak into a questionable estabilishment and accidentally eavesdrop something really sinister going on. Young and naive, they are scared of what they might find: Undetected and unwitting of what truly is going on. The heroes sneak into the building: (The drumming was inspired by a Foo Fighters song. I'm not sure which one, but I think it's Sister Europe) Then, some overly drunk patron hits on someone's lady and cliché ensures the end of the scene (Of course the characters get dragged into it! What kind of game would have the heroes just watching while mayhem unfolds?) Thoughts?
  7. Awesome! The only thing I'd add is that I'd love to have those initial harmonics throughout the entire track (or at least for a few more bars). But still awesome, though.
  8. Very nice. I like the little comments on the first guitar part and how this has a Kingdom Hearts 2 vibe to its drums and piano. I wouldn't mind if you scrapped the singing though. I don't really feel it matches with the rest of the tune properly. It sounds more like the kind of singing I'd like to hear on Banner Saga and judging by the picture and the rest of the composition, you have something else in mind. It also sound out of tune/polytonal. Maybe if you give a little insight on the lore I might assess this properly. (I also happen to be a total tactical RPG addict. Can you give some insight on game mechanics, release date on Steam and lore?) I find the lack of bass a little upsetting. It's not that it's bad or anything, It's just that I'm a bass addict. I also like the arpeggio section at 1:24.
  9. It just dawned on me that I didn't specify anything about the remixes. I'm not really sure about what I want for Character Introduction. Perhaps a simple remaster with a more present brass and a something on the bass (maybe a contrabass or tuba). Part of me wants to say jazz, but I kinda feel skeptical about it. For Antidote, I'd like to see something on the likes of new synth, specially based around this one: I have no idea why I put Decisive Battle there other than it being my favorite and thinking it's perfect as it is. Maybe it's just because I got tired of listening to it a billion times and I'd like to hear something different to it. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have to agree with Garrett here. The background of people talking is a nice touch, but I have a feeling that, not only this is a very conservative mix, it is a step down mix of Saria's Drop and Aquescent Symphony. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but personally this makes me dislike it. I was pretty OK and satisfied up to 1:30, but when the dub dropped in I had an underwhelming deja vu. Dubstep simply doesn't seem to match here.
  11. Great game, great soundtrack. Not enough remixes. Any of them will do, but I'd be specially thankful if atleast one of these were picked: Thanks in advance.
  12. I like this a lot. I wouldn't say it's bland because I imagine the ideal is for it to be a background track to some action sequence and it would distract the viewer too much. Though I do think the guitar riff is a bit too much of a cookie cutter, if that makes any sense. But the contra-tempo bit at 0:26 is sweet! I specially like the ending and the drumming at 0:13. Overall pretty awesome! Would watch on movies/10. ... Is that pic from Underworld?
  13. A very good tune overall. I'd say it's flawless if not for the A note at 0:21-0:23. I don't know if it was intentional, but it came off too strong and vibrant and out of key. When the same A shows up again at 0:30, it sounds much better placed.
  14. First town theme for an tactical RPG. When everything is still nice and calm and there are no world threats yet.
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