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Artwork for game covers? (legal)

The Narrow Brush

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OK I've already asked the administrators for the site, but I want to get all my bases covered.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


--Joshua (aka TNB)



I am just starting out in music.

I've released a single on itunes of my own original music.

But I have a question.

I want to sell covers of video game music.

I can get a Mechanical License from loudrfm.

However how do I know if I have the legal rights to use Images relating to what I am covering for the artwork for the music?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Get permission from the artist. Make sure the artist is okay with you using the image as well as that you are making money from music which the image is used on.

If you are getting an image from a stock image site, make sure that you are allowed to use the image for commercial use. Some images are provided for free, many you have to purchase a license to use.

Same goes for custom fonts. If you use a custom font, make sure that you have the right to use it commercially.

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Think on it this way:

How would you feel if an artist or filmmaker was using your music in their work without reaching out to you, crediting you or paying you a royalty from their profit?

It's just not done. Be kind to artists and at the very least ask them. Chances are they'll say yes if you just ask. If they say no, respect it. If you can't find a contact for the artist, don't use their work. If they don't respond to you, same.

I'm sure you can appreciate that all art is difficult and precious to the creator regardless of the field, be it music, imagery, dance, film and the rest. It takes years of improvement and still we "creatives" have enough difficulty making money and getting appreciated by the wider section of society. The least we can do is not rip each other off.

EDIT Evidently I'm quite passionate about this :P

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