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  1. @Dj Mokram, Hello! Absolutely I'll elaborate, expect a DM soon.
  2. And straight off the back of that, @LongBoxofChocolate has claimed Queen Bluegarden. Welcome back, LBOC!
  3. FYI folks, I've changed my username to "Drawn by Dai" from "Odai" to be in line with my web presence elsewhere. Thought it was probably a good idea to let y'all know. Business as usual otherwise!
  4. Hey. Awkward timing, but would you change my username from "Odai" to "Drawn by Dai" please? I want to get my OCR presence in line with the rest of my web presence. Thanks in advance!
  5. REQUIRED: ENVIRONMENTAL FX DESIGNER Hi everybody, This position is a part of the ongoing Paths Less Travelled Vol.2 thread which can be found HERE. We’re writing this position in addition to the project thread proper; to draw attention to this specific role within it. We’re covering the SNES game Secret of Evermore, which, for all its quirkiness and witty dialogue, deals with exploration and loneliness as its primary themes; and makes heavy use of natural sounds and environmental effects alongside more traditional music to drive home the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. To pay homage to this, and to make the ReMix album as true to its source as possible, we are searching for somebody to join us on the main board, whose role would be to create a number of atmospheric tracks (6-9), based entirely on ambient sound (eg rainforest, machinery) which can then be edited and used as ‘skits’ or mixed into and out of tracks on the album where required. It’s an important role for the album, and the work needs to be executed skilfully and sensitively, as it may involve working with select other ReMixers on their tracks, in a minimal intro/outro format. Additionally, it creates a mood for the entire album. As such, we are only looking for people who have real-world experience in sound design. As a ‘board’ member you will of course be invited and welcome to bring your own thoughts, ideas and suggestions to the table. We’ll of course submit to your experience in the field. This isn’t a first come-first served position, sadly, and we’ll want some evidence of your prior work. Sorry it’s a bit of a serious thread. All the above having been said, we are really expletive excited to work with you. Just drop me or @Trism a message here or in our DMs and we’ll get right back to you asap! Thanks for reading, folks. Stay well.
  6. Hey folks, been a member of the site for quite a few years now, I've created the covers for a few albums on here, and created an album too. But have never worked up the confidence to post my own stuff. By day I'm an illustrator and graphic designer, you can find me at DrawnbyDai.com; Art's been my breath since I can remember. Anyhoo. Here's a video I made for a track my friend released a while ago. All the artwork is my own. I hope you dig it! VIDEO> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-q4kgtfQ8Q&list=TLPQMDgwNTIwMjBMxj248-eLXQ&index=3 I tried to embed the video, sorry I couldn't figure out how. If you know, please tell me! I also did these: Thanks for taking a look!
  7. We'd like to welcome back @Chimpazilla! OCR Judge and frequent contributor to the site, Chimpazilla was our resident sound tech on PLT1, mixing and mastering almost every track on the album. We're delighted that she'll be reprising the role. I ask remixers please let us approach her on your behalf about your tracks when they're ready, it's a mammoth task she's taking on. Thanks! Welcome back to the fold, chimpz
  8. Hi Clement, we’re delighted you want to return! However, there’s a small hitch. The entire tracklist of the game is 72 tracks (including atmospherics, fanfares et al). We struggled to get it down to the number we have and still need to add 6 atmospheric tracks. We’re a bit reticent to start reworking the list, especially so early on. Would you consider choosing one from the sources we’ve provided? If not, I guess we’ll just have to go ahead and include the menu screen. We can’t in our right minds turn down a claim from the ridiculously talented Clement Panchout!
  9. Consider it done. @Trism will mark it off as claimed and we'll be in touch to sort out a working schedule. Thanks again!
  10. Welcome aboard, @NyxTheShield! Of course you're welcome to claim a track. The dark Castle theme you refer to is Ebon Keep Castle . Which would you like to claim, Town or Castle?
  11. Hey folks, long time no speak! Sorry for not being in touch, I’ve become useless at that, and no mistake. Takes two minutes to write something… Wonderfully though, Trism & Jorito have been in charge; and to be fair, between them and you lot, this album’s turned out far better than it could have with me at the helm. I have been squirrelling away on the art side, though, and am pleased to say the artwork for the album is now finally done. You can see it here (sorry, resizing seems to be an issue): I genuinely hope y’all like it, please let me know what you think. your involvement and perseverance on this project has brought it this far despite me, and I thank you all. Your opinions are valued. I’ve also been working on the assets for the promo site and handed them over to Jorito so he can do some cssourcery to showcase your sounds. We’re nearly over the line folks. Thanks once again for not bailing on the project, you're breathtaking!
  12. Having been the artist in this relationship many times, I'll tell you what my rates typically are: £20/$30 per hour. I'm a freelance professional artist and graphic designer of 10 years, so I like to think I have a relatively good nose for the going rates. Mine are considered to be on the cheaper end of fair in the professional sector. It can go up - especially in the city, or down with new graduates or students. but to be totally honest it depends on what you're willing to part with financially. And what kind of job you want EDIT: Additional - Just don't use sites like fiverr - they're killing the rest of us! Good luck on your quest.
  13. Ahem... I am totally not being held against my will... In seriousness, I want to say I'm overwhelmed by the immediate reaction to Trism's reopening post. I'm humbled for the project by the positivity displayed despite the way I left everything. I reckon you folks deserve an explanation about what's been happening since April 2017. The thing is, when I put the project on hiatus simply for a bit of temporary breathing space, I didn't know it was the beginning of nearly 2 years of complication for me and my family, including borderline poverty, eviction, mental health and death. It's been a rough ride and I'm telling y'all this not for sympathy but for the explanation I feel you deserve. I'm sorry about the way I left it, and the way I stopped providing updates too. Life took centre stage and, well, yeah, whatever... Apologies. Things are still complicated for me at the moment (though it's easing), and I but I can think of nobody better to take the mantle of this project than @Trism and I'm excited to see how things finish up. I might have left the project for a while, but it never left me. Thanks once more everybody for your involvement in the project, continued support and belief in Trism. If anybody can get this project flying again, he can. Hopefully you guysngals won't mind me popping 'round every now and again to see how things are getting on. Odai.
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