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Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times [Ending & Credits] - SNES - Pixelizer REMIX


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The first four notes immediately grabbed my attention. Love, love, love the tone.

However, I would probably forget about this mix by tomorrow because it's hasn't differentiated itself enough from the source. You've made a great start, but you need to get me to think of it as its own ReMix, not just a play on the original or a reminder of The Place We Knew (featuring the hard-to-forget Jillian Aversa).

I would suggest changing things up a bit by taking the phase-in and drums you have at 2:30, moving them to 0:53, and adding some hard-hitting, phat percussive beats around 2:30. Something like the epic beats in Solitude at 2:05 would be awesome. A drop, solo, or wistful bridge at about the 3/4 mark would be good too, then jumping back into heavy percussion, and dropping percussion altogether for the end, maybe reduced to a musicbox, winding down to the finish.

Not sure if any of this fits with your vision for the track. Just my two cents' worth.

Great job capturing the essence of the original. Looking forward to any updates.

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