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Undertale- Asgore CG


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11 hours ago, Dino Kid said:

Nice, if I had one critique it would be that some of your elements are quite loud, like the ride for example. Good choice of sounds I'd just like them to blend a little better.


Keep it up!

Thanks, I've gotten a little better than when I made this. Now I try to keep all sounds at a decent level for enjoyment. =)

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9 hours ago, DJ H0us3C0rP3 said:

I think this is great but I would agree some of the instruments are pretty damn loud at times like the strings at 1:36. I can barely make out the piano melody part and the only reason why I know it is there is because I know the song. Other than that I have no other critiques for you good job man! :-D 

Thank you. I've gotten better over time and now I've been trying to keep the sound levels at a decent rate.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D

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