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    i love music, games, drawing, Currently in college taking up Computer Animation, maybe I can share some with you guys someday.

    As for some years now I just do music as a hobby, I'm hoping to get better as time progress.

    I'm also very friendly, just so occupied with life to get a chance to come online
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  1. This was done about a week ago. I learned to play it on Piano early this week and decided to do another remix of it. I think this one turned out very nicely. A remix of Ray/Zena-Lan Hard Armor theme from Cyber Brawl. Femme Jazz Armour CG - Cupcom5
  2. One of my original pieces that I did in May.
  3. Cupcom5

    Sonic Spinball

    The game did have some really good music. I think Howard Drossin ( He did the music for The Ooze and Comix Zone) also did the music for this game as well. On a side note, the furthest I ever got to in the game was the Lava stage. lol I was able to beat it though some years later.
  4. Cupcom5

    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    Both are good to use, though I do agree that Soundcloud is a lot less stressful.
  5. I thought this song was one of the second best songs in the game, The first one being the training song. No critiques from me, Awesome work on this! =D
  6. A request from a close friend. I was aiming for a Dance approach for this one, seeing how I thought it would fit her since she's so young. I'd like to try the game sometime, hope you all enjoy!
  7. Cupcom5

    Undertale- Asgore CG

    Thank you. I've gotten better over time and now I've been trying to keep the sound levels at a decent rate. I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D
  8. Cupcom5

    Undertale- Asgore CG

    Thanks, I've gotten a little better than when I made this. Now I try to keep all sounds at a decent level for enjoyment. =)
  9. This is My Undertale Remix of Asgore's Theme I've did some time ago. I also have an account on Newgrounds under the name "NGKFlower" to avoid any confusion here. I just thought I'd Share with everyone. Hope it's enjoyable.
  10. Mighty No. 9 CG- Sibling Xels

    A new remix I did a few weeks ago from Mighty No 9. I personally like the game, despite what everyone else might think of it.


    Please tell me what you think.

  11. Cupcom5

    how can i know my user id..

    So it's in the link of our page? Clever, I guess. I was having a hard time finding it as well. Thank you so much!
  12. Hope you guys like it! i had a blast making them! =D
  13. Cool! she is very talented and has a wonderful voice. im so excited!
  14. Cupcom5

    FLStudio Real Sounds

    i was kinda thinking the same thing i've used FL sometime ago, and it was a free download, too.
  15. hi everyone! i'm new here, too. i just joined today. hope to enjoy myself and make new friends here.