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    i love music, games, drawing, Currently in college taking up Computer Animation, maybe I can share some with you guys someday.

    As for some years now I just do music as a hobby, I'm hoping to get better as time progress.

    I'm also very friendly, just so occupied with life to get a chance to come online
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  1. So I started back on this website about 10 or so years ago, but was completely oblivious to the "Help and Newbies" tab (I know, so sad.) But better late than never, right? I'm Cupcom5 and have been very interested in music since I was a little girl (I like to thank my dad for that, lol) Anyways, I'm also on Soundcloud, youtube and Newgrounds (As NGKFlower) sharing my works and haven't gotten noticed too much. Nice to meet everyone, even if I am years behind. XD
  2. No prob. fellow musicians should help one another.
  3. This is pretty awesome! The detail you put into this is truly amazing on all levels. I haven't heard anything from my submissions in quite a while as well. I too, haven't uploaded in a while to improve myself. That said, really hope your submission gets picked. =)
  4. Hotel Dusk CG- Easy Hotel Feelin' Did this 6 days ago and posted on Soundcloud. Did two versions Since I have some free time and a limited amount of wifi, I wanted to share here on OC Remix with fellow artists and judges. It's a finished piece, but I have not submitted here on the website yet. Any feedback would be great. =)
  5. This was done about a week ago. I learned to play it on Piano early this week and decided to do another remix of it. I think this one turned out very nicely. A remix of Ray/Zena-Lan Hard Armor theme from Cyber Brawl. Femme Jazz Armour CG - Cupcom5
  6. One of my original pieces that I did in May.
  7. Cupcom5

    Sonic Spinball

    The game did have some really good music. I think Howard Drossin ( He did the music for The Ooze and Comix Zone) also did the music for this game as well. On a side note, the furthest I ever got to in the game was the Lava stage. lol I was able to beat it though some years later.
  8. Cupcom5

    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    Both are good to use, though I do agree that Soundcloud is a lot less stressful.
  9. I thought this song was one of the second best songs in the game, The first one being the training song. No critiques from me, Awesome work on this! =D
  10. A request from a close friend. I was aiming for a Dance approach for this one, seeing how I thought it would fit her since she's so young. I'd like to try the game sometime, hope you all enjoy!
  11. Cupcom5

    Undertale- Asgore CG

    Thank you. I've gotten better over time and now I've been trying to keep the sound levels at a decent rate. I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D
  12. Cupcom5

    Undertale- Asgore CG

    Thanks, I've gotten a little better than when I made this. Now I try to keep all sounds at a decent level for enjoyment. =)
  13. This is My Undertale Remix of Asgore's Theme I've did some time ago. I also have an account on Newgrounds under the name "NGKFlower" to avoid any confusion here. I just thought I'd Share with everyone. Hope it's enjoyable.
  14. Mighty No. 9 CG- Sibling Xels

    A new remix I did a few weeks ago from Mighty No 9. I personally like the game, despite what everyone else might think of it.


    Please tell me what you think.

  15. Cupcom5

    how can i know my user id..

    So it's in the link of our page? Clever, I guess. I was having a hard time finding it as well. Thank you so much!