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This. This dubstep-ish remix, how do I make a remix of HOTF that sounds like this?

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It starts off with a guitar, and then BOOM, six seconds in, there's a drum, and then IT BECOMES THE BEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD. then it changes genre or something at 0:57, then a metal guitar thing after that, then something else while the angry chef dude comes out of his bowl.

I have FL Studio, and no keyboards or microphones. I want to make a remix of Hymn Of The Fayth from Final Fantasy X.

I hear a xylophone in there, and a crowd/singer yelling "Yah!" or something, but the main melody bit and the base, what is that?

Also, whatever genre it becomes at 2:40, what is that, and how can I get that sound and make remixes in that genre?

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Unfortunately, this is a really general question where someone would take way too much of their time to explain in detail how you could do it, or they can just give you a generalized answer of 'well you pick up a bass, and then drop it'.

2:40 is hardstyle or hard trance.  Find an electronic kick drum like a 909, distort it.

My advice is to just play around with what you have.  Try emulating whatever it is you want to do first, but get to know your DAW, how it works, what it has, what it does, what else it does, what else it can do, etc. etc. etc.  Don't concern yourself with trying to make the next greatest remix you've ever heard and just practice with what you have.

I wouldn't advise just youtubing how to do whatever it is you think is going on or how to do whatever you want to do, but that is also an option.

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Let's be honest. You sound like you are too new at this to attempt something you're not familiar with. I would advise you to get to know your DAW better before trying to emulate something that you're asking so many questions about (and in a scattered manner as well). If I tried to truly explain how to do it, I would have to use too much jargon that you'd have to filter through anyway. I can give less general comments, though they basically are under the assumption that you are comfortable with your DAW, or at least kind of know what EQ, compression, and samples are in a basic sense.

  • There's no genre change at 0:57.
  • Metal is not easy, and basically requires that you use commercial samples or get a real guitar and a real amp if you want to get that particular sound. Guitar soundfonts and other free guitar stuff are pretty unconvincing IMO.
  • The general sound of this remix is compressed electronic dance music. It uses very typical glitch hop or dubstep drums with a basic drum pattern that you could probably do, just with different samples.
  • The hard part of mixing this is getting the bass to sit right, because it's easy to add clutter in the 200~400 Hz range without realizing it. Many instruments overlap there, so taking a few years to learn how to mix is what would be most beneficial to writing this kind of music.

Even now I'm using jargon, so you should see my point when I say that you should take the time to learn it yourself as well, instead of just asking 50 questions in a row and hoping that you can pick it up right away from reading about it. You have to put into practice what you take in.

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