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4. submitted Friendly Competition (Mean Bean Machine Remix)

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Hey there. 

I remember the days as a mod where I'd come in here with a flamethrower and just annihilate people's mixes. I feel like those days are ending - so much work is solidly produced now, including this one. 

Your production sounds really good, transitions are smooth and solid, the source is very well used all throughout and recognizable. Personally I could stand to feel a bit more of the mix in my chest with some more rounded out mid-lows, but altogether everything sounds really good to me. 

The one thing that threw me out of the mix - At 1:55 the kit sounds really dry, which contrasts in a stark way with the pads and leads going on as the melody. While I wouldn't recommend overdoing it, a touch of verb there might help it blend better, particularly the snare. 

Arrangement wise, at around 4:00 I was starting to get a bit of ear fatigue from repetition of the source elements. This is a very personal preference and many people probably wouldn't care, but there's enough variety in here that you could stand to maybe strip some of the repeated sections, or sections that only have a touch of variance in them. 

All of these things, though, are nitpicks. It's a professional sounding dance mix that I think is ready for the judges panel. I will caveat and saying that this style isn't my forte, so if some of the other mods want to jump in and talk about production it'd be welcome. 

Best of luck and great job. 

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