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  1. 2ND EVAL PER REQUEST: I really enjoy the overall improvements made in Version 2 of this tune from a production standpoint. The piece has solid mixing and sound overall, with nice support on the low end. I think the lead guitars can come out a lot more around 1:50-2:15. It gets lost in the background for me, particularly because, as Taucer pointed out, the arrangement is relatively conservative. Bringing the guitars more to the front might make the variation pop a bit more. Otherwise, I found my attention drifting away, even though we had some pretty great lead guitar stuff going on. It's likely ready for a submission.
  2. XPRTNovice

    Super MAGFest 2018

    I am come.
  3. XPRTNovice

    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    Shit, I never even saw that anyone was trying to reach out to me. I haven't logged into the forums very well. Gario what do you need? A finished track "this year" is what I see above, as in the end of 2017? That'll be more than doable and I would like to keep this track.
  4. MOD REVIEW Hey there. I remember the days as a mod where I'd come in here with a flamethrower and just annihilate people's mixes. I feel like those days are ending - so much work is solidly produced now, including this one. Your production sounds really good, transitions are smooth and solid, the source is very well used all throughout and recognizable. Personally I could stand to feel a bit more of the mix in my chest with some more rounded out mid-lows, but altogether everything sounds really good to me. The one thing that threw me out of the mix - At 1:55 the kit sounds really dry, which contrasts in a stark way with the pads and leads going on as the melody. While I wouldn't recommend overdoing it, a touch of verb there might help it blend better, particularly the snare. Arrangement wise, at around 4:00 I was starting to get a bit of ear fatigue from repetition of the source elements. This is a very personal preference and many people probably wouldn't care, but there's enough variety in here that you could stand to maybe strip some of the repeated sections, or sections that only have a touch of variance in them. All of these things, though, are nitpicks. It's a professional sounding dance mix that I think is ready for the judges panel. I will caveat and saying that this style isn't my forte, so if some of the other mods want to jump in and talk about production it'd be welcome. Best of luck and great job.
  5. XPRTNovice

    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    So, to date, my favorite remix I've ever done is this one. I finished it nearly four years ago and nobody has ever heard it. I am probably going to completely redo everything involved.
  6. XPRTNovice

    MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    I remember there being some concern last year that we weren't going to be able to get an OCR suite this year as a gathering place for all of our brood. Will we have a suite this year?
  7. XPRTNovice

    VGM "Standards" List

    Oh wow, if any of you use iRealPro, I just found this gem: http://www.irealb.com/forums/showthread.php?5616-video-game-music-(final-fantasy-zelda-mario-etc)
  8. XPRTNovice

    VGM "Standards" List

    Hey guys, So this might be weird, but you know how jazz music has "standards" that everyone kind of knows the chords and melody to? I'd like something like that for VGM as well. Some of the great staples of this awesome category of music. I went to MAG last year and found that I was scrambling in my brain when someone asked me to call a tune to jam on, and then having to look stuff up on my phone. It killed the vibe sometimes. What, in a jam scenario, do you think should be included? Here are some of my favorites to play in a group: - Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time) - My Village is #1 (Xenogears) - Millennial Fair (CT) - Super Mario 64 world theme - Mario Bros theme
  9. XPRTNovice

    MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    Imma be there. Imma bring soprano sax.
  10. XPRTNovice

    OCR03418 - Mario Paint "Pickin' Colors"

  11. I remain. I'll have a WIP by 12 Sep.
  12. XPRTNovice

    Contest For My New Book: Voiceover Mad Libs

    Do make sure you fill out the typeform, which automatically queues it for me to record
  13. Hey guys I dunno if you knew this yet or not, but I sold a trilogy of sci-fi books to Simon and Schuster last year, and the first one is coming out next month. To promote the book, we're combining my voice acting with my writing to start a cool contest that we're calling "Voiceover Mad Libs." Anyone can enter, regardless of whether or not they pre-order the book (though that would be awesome). You can find all the details here: https://joezieja.com/2016/05/03/mechanical-failure-contest-voiceover-mad-libs/ Basically, you get to fill in the blanks of a commercial or a trailer script, and I will record and produce it, then upload it to SoundCloud. At the end of the 2 week contest period, we pick the funniest and you get prizes. Come have fun!
  14. XPRTNovice

    Fox McCloud: Hero to Zero?