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Final Fantasy X - Beyond the Darkness Remix


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I'm still a novice, I haven't done anything in a while started working on this a while ago just decided to pick it back up. I have always liked the classical music produced by Square Enix and that has been almost exclusively the video game music I have tried to remix. The song Beyond the Darkness is from FFX Omega Ruins stage. Pretty much sampled a few parts from the score and stretched the sound and filtered the sound in certain parts plus added some synths and drums. I was going for a hip hop/ RnB flavor. I'm not above criticism. Thanks for listening.






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Well, I have to say I dig the idea a lot!

Love the way you sampled the song, however, I think that the beat you wrote on top of it might need some work. Maybe play with the velocity and the panning of the various percussive samples you're triggering to make the whole thing flow in a more interesting way.
Also, the change at 0:43 was nice but a bit too random. You should put some element before it that send a cue to the listener something is about to change. Maybe a reverse sweep sound or stuff like that. That could serve as a way to build a smoother transition in that point.


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