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  1. Thanks! I have a one hour long tutorial on this cover on my YouTube channel, along with about a hundred of hours of tutorials about orchestral music in general that I made. You might want to check them out to see what I use and how! (My DAW is FL Studio, the software are various Kontakt Libraries) Thanks! It is on Spotify now, uploaded all my tracks there a few months ago.
  2. Hey there OCR! I just finished one of my Cinematic covers, this time it's a Sonic the Hedgehog one!
  3. Well, I have to say I dig the idea a lot! Love the way you sampled the song, however, I think that the beat you wrote on top of it might need some work. Maybe play with the velocity and the panning of the various percussive samples you're triggering to make the whole thing flow in a more interesting way. Also, the change at 0:43 was nice but a bit too random. You should put some element before it that send a cue to the listener something is about to change. Maybe a reverse sweep sound or stuff like that. That could serve as a way to build a smoother transition in that point.
  4. Hey all! I just finished a Final Fantasy XV I made in a trailer-ish orchestral style with FL Studio. Do you think this could work for OCR? Or is it too similar to the original?? Also, would love to hear what you guys think are the things I could've done better, if you have the time for some open feedback/criticism! Link to the remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUPrIpSGsgc Link to the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgCJel3WLkg
  5. Woha, thank you for the super detailed evaluation and tips, Gario! I'll try to fix the things you mentioned, and will submit this one for sure. Cheers!
  6. Woha, thank you for the feedback guys, really appreciate you took the time to listen and to tell me what you think about it! DarkEco: Thank you! You're most probably right about the outro. Hearing the tack again now after taking distance from it for some time, I think that maybe I could've made the humanization a bit more convincing on that part by playing a bit more with the overall tempo automation & with the attack times of the instruments. Bowlerhat: Thanks for the heads up on the structure! I have to say however that the way I laid out the track, structurally speaking, is the only thing of it that convinced me 100% and I'd definitely leave it as it is. What I was mostly concerned with is if the overall sound is good enough to consider submitting this to the OCR judges. The Nikanoru: Glad you enjoyed the track! And good ear, the 2:22 part was choppy by design (I actually put a subtle stutter effect on every instrument there and in other points of the track as well, to create a little bit of additional rhythmic tension). Same for the electronic beats at 1:45, those were designed to take the listener into a different and more calm space, so that the emotional solo cello and strings could sink in more and to give a sense of break before the loud part kicks in at 2.15! Although you're right on the fact I could've probably accentuated them more, hmm. Just trying to figure out how, hmmm... Maybe by making them more mono, but also louder in volume??
  7. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I think the choir is the thing I had the most fun with of all the elements in this track, Metropolis Ark 1 is the bomb!
  8. Thanks! And I know what you mean, even thought I write trailer music myself I I feel quite the same in regards to that style, so I always try to add something more to it. Glad you liked the track.
  9. Here's something new I wrote. I always wanted to remix this track since I started making music, and finally, I did. Yay! Now, while I've worked on this track long and intensely enough to consider it a finished piece, I am not quite sure if I should submit it or not. What do you guys think? Is there something you would've done better?? Would love to hear what you think about it! Link to the remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks2gHdinH9o Link to the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v6BtJaBQmo
  10. Wow, thank you very much for the tips, Slimy & Brandon! I'll keep all of that in mind for the future, either for this track if I'm going to work more on it, or on the next. Cheers
  11. Hey there! Nice to meet you all, my name's Alex, long time lurker actually. I've stumbled upon OCReMix when I discovered the Voices of the Lifestream album. It was then, inspired by such amazing work by so many talented people, that I decided I too wanted to start producing and composing music, even though I didn't have any background in music, it seemed like a good moment to start. Almost three years in, I've grown confident enough to submit something here with serious intentions. The track is an orchestral arrangement I made of a Final Fantasy VII track, "On That Day, 5 Years Ago", which is one of my most favorite tracks ever from Nobuo Uematsu. I'm not sure if it's good enough though, as it's written in a genre that is quite outside of my comfort zone, I'm more an electronic/action sound design, but since I'd definitely love to become better with orchestras I tried to make it this way. Any feedback from both the mods and the fellow composers of the forum would be more than greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, Alex Links to the remix & to the original track: Remix - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2tJmHuW7Z8 Original Track - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEZNywlt_gM
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