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  1. I recently bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 and immediately began playing the nostalgic video game. Kingdom Hearts music and square enix music have always been great videogame music and scores. The song and score that stood out to me is "It Began With A Letter" by Yoko Shimomura that plays after Donald and Goofy realize that King Mickey is gone. I tried to sample the beat and create somewhat of a Pluto's Theme since he is the one who delivers letters through out the series. The beat has a ton of synthesizers, some drums, and two pianos. The first part is somewhat vanilla. The second part is a mash of synthesizers all using different parts of the scores. The third part is experimental sampling and reversing of the music. Hope you enjoy. Remix: Original:
  2. I'm a big anime fan and fan of the classical scores used in the alot of anime. Gurren Lagann or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan is a pretty good short mech anime with decent scores. My favorite Gurren Lagann instrumental comes in the final battle between Genome and Simon as heard here (All of You, Get Fired Up!- This track samples from it and with some drums and piano to make chill Gurren Lagan Mashup. It's somewhat vanilla but it's chill Enjoy.
  3. An instrumental I threw together using FL Studio after I stumbled on a chord I liked. Has a trippy psychedelic, hip hop vibe to it. Uses a combo of standard drumsets, about 3 synthesizers, and an 808 plus a few plugins. Enjoy.
  4. I'm still a novice, I haven't done anything in a while started working on this a while ago just decided to pick it back up. I have always liked the classical music produced by Square Enix and that has been almost exclusively the video game music I have tried to remix. The song Beyond the Darkness is from FFX Omega Ruins stage. Pretty much sampled a few parts from the score and stretched the sound and filtered the sound in certain parts plus added some synths and drums. I was going for a hip hop/ RnB flavor. I'm not above criticism. Thanks for listening. Original: Mix:
  5. Thanks for listening. I will try to improve.
  6. Instrumental I came up with using trumpets. Also includes Sax, Electric Guitar, Standard Drums, 808 snares, and some synthesizers. Has chill but kind of head bobbing feel. Could use some feedback. Thanks for listening
  7. Final Kingdom. Yeah I agree def repetitive. Thanks for the feedback. Ronald Poe. Just realized that your avatar was King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog Haha.
  8. This song is sampled from the score Attack from Final Fantasy X. Made in FL Studio, Utilizes two pianos, two synth from Sytrus, and a standard drumset with an 808. Also has a few delays and reverbs. Not really sure how to describe the sound or genre I guess a blend of pop and hip hop. Feedback and criticism as usual are always welcome. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy. Original: My Mix:
  9. Thanks alot I'm glad you like it and I appreciate the positive feedback.
  10. Samples a few bars from the score Fang's Theme from Final Fantasy XIII. Lead by a marimba and complimented with some synthesizers, congas and standard drums. Has a somewhat angelic sound with a little bit of ethnic percussion. Thanks for listening. Original My Mix
  11. Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks for listening regardless.
  12. Hi, here is my remix of the Roxas Theme from the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game for PS2. My second ever mix originally done on Sony Acid. Unfortunately I lost the ACID DAW file with the actual arrangements so I can't actually make any changes besides filters and what not. If anyone is good at manipulating filters and gates and have a way to make the sound better please leave any comments and thoughts. If you think it sound fine the way it is thank you too. Original My Mix
  13. Hi, Sampled the score March of the Dreadnoughts from Final Fantasy XIII. Easily the worst Final Fantasy game but has some good music scores. I wasn't really going for anything the music kind of arranged itself. Has a poppy and clubby beat. Doesn't sound too bad but of course feedback and criticism are always welcome. I think I would like to optimize the sound I have so any suggestions will be considered. Enjoy. Thanks for listening.
  14. Hi, I sampled the first few bars from Final Fantasy X-2 Theme Song Wind Crest The Three Tails ( with FL Studio. Was aiming for a new soul sound with epiano and bass. Near the end of the song it kind of gets away from it because the song transition felt like it need something slightly different so added a some synthesizers. I don't think it sounds too bad but good criticism is welcome. I would like some feed back. Enjoy. Thanks for listening.
  15. The first mix arrangement I ever did when I was using Sony ACID. Some delays, phasers, and drum loops, it's pretty vanilla. Any tips are welcome. Thanks for listening.
  16. Hi, I'm Denzel. Always have been interested in making music and always felt video games and anime have alot untapped potential for good samples. Being the novice I am I thought I come to a forum with people who have some the same hobbies as myself and a chance to possibly learn something.