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[Indie Retro Game] After Death


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Hello Everyone,

( sorry for the bad grammar of this topic, i'm not very fluent in English )

I'm working with a friend on an indie game for more than 5 years now (on our freetime).
We are about to finish the dev and we have just launched a STEAM Greenlight.

The game is entitled "After Death" and it's in the mood of Super Castlevania and Super Metroid.
In this game, you will live a journey as an amnesic skull, traveling in a strange world, filled by dangerous creatures.
You will explore, kill monsters and bosses, get new power-up and finally find what secret is hidden behind this uncommon world.

Here is the trailer :

The link to greenlight page :

Some screenshots :


More information :

If you are interested by this game, you can vote for us !!

By the way, we don't have original music yet but I will create an other thread soon on this subject :)

Vincent - Freakazoid -


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Some news about our project :
- the game is almost finished, a last beta test is on the way
- after a the lot questions about how to find/pay compositor (http://ocremix.org/community/topic/40896-need-your-expertise/#comment-817386) we are glad to say that the OST of After Death has been composed by Francisco Cerda

Francisco made the OST of Jamestown and also participated on some famous indie games like Gunpoint or even Frog Fractions 2 :)

He made a very awesome work, you could listen one of the track (and many other games tracks) on his soundcloud :

Also, a new trailer :

Hope you will like the game and the OST (when they will be released) !

- Freaka -

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Hello Evereyone,

After 6 years of work (on our freetime), we are proud to announce that our game "AFTER DEATH" is now released and available on Steam !

It's still a Metroidvania and the OST was composed by Francisco CERDA (check previous post for more information about Francisco :))


More information :

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