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WIP Videogame music


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I am writing original music for a videogame that I am working on with some friends. I have made two tracks so far, the title theme and a boss fight theme. I would love to hear what you all think about it and what I could improve upon. I plan on making more music for the game in the future, when the game idea itself is more developed and mature.

I used the Linux MultiMedia Studio to make this.


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I really like the sound you are going for here, but I feel like I need more context to really give good feed back. The tracks, in my opinion, need a hook. It lacks a lead melody right now. For the title theme, create a hook for us to connect the game with (in musical terms we call this motif or a theme). I do believe this is a space themed game (judging from the album artwork), and I think the music does fit the genre. Nice!  

The final battle theme needs to be more epic sounding. I need to feel like everything we're fighting for is on the line and that we are truly in a dire situation when fighting the final boss. Again, because of lack of context I can't really judge how epic this sounds in  relation to the rest of the soundtrack. This track will need to stand out from the rest as this will be the most important battle of the game; a battle that will lead to the resolution and tie up loose ends.

Overall you have a good start and the arrangements are consistent. I can get a picture of what the entire soundtrack will sound like from these two songs. Looking forward to see this develop.

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