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All the spiders gather around and clap along to the beat.
You try to struggle and escape...but nothing happens
Muffet approaches you...
" Would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, spiders, Dr. Pepper...?"
"Spiders it is, then!"
"No! That's not what---"   
But she was already pouring a brimming cup of spiders  


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Ah, Undertale, a personal favorite soundtrack of mine. Let's see where you took it.

I'm tasting some electronica, and there are some very nice vocal synths in there (wub wub WA wA), and you handle those excellently. The arrangement plays pretty straight, though - a little TOO straight. It leans on the 'Too Conservative' side of things, with the wubs being close to the only thing that isn't simply an enhancement of the source.

The piano, when present, is incredibly mechanical. If you're going to incorporate instruments like that, dynamics can help a great deal in making it sound more human. For piano in particular it's a good idea to emulate the sustain as well, as that is something that makes the piano unique. As it stands, the piano is flat and less like a human played it and more like notes were plugged into a sampler.

The sound design is a bit hit-or-miss on this one. I again commend your wubby and ya-ya synths (I forget the name of them off the top), but the overuse of saw and square throughout drags this down considerably. I don't have an issue with saws and squares personally (I mean, look at my music for crying out loud), but if you're going to use them it's important to utilize them in a manner that makes them interesting and flavorful, and not just to fill the space and hit the notes. See if there is anything that you can do with your sound design to make it dynamic and interesting, or take what you have and justify its use by really pushing what makes square and saw synths unique.

The percussion is pretty bland, and overall is tough to hear in the mix. The bass simply hits the beat 95% of the time, and the snare is virtually impossible to hear (and if there is anything else going on outside the periodic crash I can't hear it). The drum track really needs more attention paid to it so that it doesn't sound like it's droning, and the mix needs to be overhauled to bring it to the front.

If I saw this on the panel this is what I'd tell you to improve: drums, piano realism, sound design and make the arrangement a little less conservative. There are some good ideas to build off of, though, in some of your more complex synths and SFX, but it isn't there yet as far as submission goes. Best of luck!

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