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WIP Video Game Compositions


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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new here and am just getting started on making original compositions for video games! I made a couple of tracks so far but may need an extra ear to see whether I'm heading in the right direction. Castor's theme attempts to exemplify the logical demeanor of "a man of few words", cold and calculating.  

Miranda, on the other hand, is a serene yet unyielding spirit. She represents a peaceful return from calamity, a gentle affirmation of small victories. In other words, the Kairi to your Sora for KH fans!

Lastly, last chance plays when circumstances have turned for the worst and the protagonists must overcome their plight in absolute desperation

I would love to hear what you all think! In the meantime, I'll continue making music as always. Thanks!


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Not bad, I do get a KH vibe a little. Some notes sound a little dissonant within the melodies, but I like the concept. I think it's cut too short; however, I'm going to assume you're not finished with this piece.

Look at humanizing the drums and instruments, right now they sound extremely robotic and sequenced. With the arrangement you picked for the instruments, it's best to have the most organic sound and feeling you can get.

I would really look at your mix and watch the peak levels. The drums sound distorted and over power the track. The mix is a bit muddy too. Some frequencies need to be cut, I'd say for now look at cutting out the lowest frequencies to get rid of the rumble and the highest frequencies to cut out that piercing sound. Try to EQ the instruments and add compression. The drums overall need to be compressed (especially the toms and symbols). 

It can be a bit daunting (I would still call my self a beginner in the mixing/mastering area), but there are some great tutorials on Youtube that could really help you out :-). 

Keep working at it! You have potential to make some cool stuff :-). 


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