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Final Fantasy VII: Those Who Fight Rock Arrangement

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This is a rock arrangement that I created of FFVII's "Let the Battles Begin!", more commonly known as "Those Who Fight" or "Fighting".

I used Logic Pro 9, a Sterling JP70 7-string guitar, Guitar Rig 5, and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. 

There are eight instruments; electric guitar, electric bass, drums, rock organ, grand piano, violin, trombone, and a synth lead. Everything beside the electric guitar is programmed.

Hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think!

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Huh, this actually rocks pretty hard. I like the arrangement, and I think the production is relatively well done. You've got some great tone on your instruments, and everything sounds well humanized (well, except perhaps the piano, but it's hard to tell since it's hard to hear).

I like the guitar work in this, though the mixing is pretty unbalanced. It's hard to hear things like the organ work, lead guitar, synth, etc. while the rhythm guitar is mixed so close to the front. This would benefit greatly from a re-mixing and remastering across the board. Bring out the lead instruments while they lead, and push the background elements so that they don't dominate (though are still easily distinguishable).

Great work so far - I hope to hear a re-balanced version of this soon!

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Hi Gario, thank you very much for your feedback. Arrangement and guitar performance are two of my stronger points, but I'm a complete amateur when it comes to mixing, so your feedback was very helpful in terms of what I need to work on in general. This mix in this piece is pretty much default and I haven't messed with it, so I could imagine it's quite unbalanced. I don't plan to work too much more on this piece, but I will probably try to mess more with the mix and upload a newer version later. 


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