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Kirby 25th Anniversary Video on the 15th

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For those of us that don't read Japanese:


I'm busy! Gonna do not have time until tomorrow broadcast over! # Kirby's 25th birthday

And various fan sites have combed over it, talked to contacts, blah blah blah.

No one knows what's going to happen. Could be a simple thank you message to the fans, could be the announcement of all kinds of new games/events/merchandise...

I'm glad they're doing something for Kirby. 2016 is the year of video game anniversaries, 5th to 35th. The year is almost over, and Kirby was almost completely ignored.

Happy 25th, Kirby!

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Oh. Forgot about this.

Yeah, so it turns out that big announcement is... they're doing a short concert tour in Japan. Just Japan. Nowhere else.



... and a quick report here! It was decided to hold an orchestra concert commemorating the 25th anniversary of Kirby! It is said that Tokyo will be held in April 2017 and Osaka in June. For more information check the site below!

Well, it's nothing as big as the Zelda 25th concerts, or the Pokémon 20th year of stuff happening... but at least Kirby got more than Metroid did. I think there was a game with Metroid in the title?

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