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Hi so this is my first post here, I had wanted to submit to here for years but was way too intimidated before. Not entirely sure how to open this up really bug I do have a track that I'd love some feedback on that I was considering submitting - hopefully I didn't mess up anything in this since it's been ages since I've used a proper forum.

So in the hype for the newest pokemon games this was made for a remix compilation that considering I haven't heard anything back from the person organizing it in like 2 months now, I'm pretty sure has fallen through - that being said, I really enjoy how it turned out and figured it would be good to try and take it elsewhere. I had been on a big eurobeat kick lately and considering I don't have Sun yet I revisited Black again and found I really liked the emotion piano thing and ended up wanting to turn it into a dance track. The final result ended up being a 6 minute long piece that starts out quiet and orchestral before building into something I'm guessing falls close to Happy Hardcore. Generally I'd say I'm way more confident with electronic textures than live instrument stuff so hopefully the production doesn't feel too lopsided in that regard. It's done in that I was satisfied when I originally submitted it for the compilation, but if anyone has any suggestions on it I'm fine taking them

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31297091/Music Stuff/finalized shared/Pokemon Black and White - Unwavering Emotions [Unfaltering Truth Mix] - 320.mp3
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31297091/Music Stuff/finalized shared/Pokemon Black and White - Unwavering Emotions [Unfaltering Truth Mix] - 192 kbps.mp3

Also I'm not exactly the best with naming things, if anyone has any ideas I'm more than open to them.

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I'm going to suggest taking the first minute or so off. That part with the drums that ends at 0:17 doesn't really fit, either. Everything from 0:19 to 1:30 barely any different from the original version.

But from 1:31 and on, it's pretty good. You build up from 1:30 to 2:08 nicely, covering the core theme, and then the poppier beats kick in, tempo goes up, it turns from kind of sad to happy and energetic.

The short lull at 3:06 to 3:19 gives you a little break which helps prevent listening fatigue, then it goes into another build up, hovers at a plateau for while, giving you a chance to build up again for the crescendo at 4:23. From there to 5:27, it's a solid minute of fast beats.

Cool down at 5:28 to the end seems a bit long, but then you throw in the same bit at the very beginning, and it doesn't fit. I get yo were trying to bookend the song with it, but I think it needs to be removed.

Other than that, I'd say it's a pretty solid 7.5 out of 10, it just needs some minor tweaks and polish here and there. Could be an 8.5 with ease.

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