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Theme Of Laura (Silent Hill 2 Cover)


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Hey guys,

we would like to show you the third track of our upcoming demo, a little tribute to Akira Yamaoka and one of his greatest works:


Please feel free to like, comment and share and check out our band page to be surprised for a special treatment for our next and final demo track:



Best regards


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This is done with love and dedication.

I praise your accuracy and integrity.


If I may make some points of constructive criticism:


the drums undermine the beautiful live performances of the guitars.

I encourage you to make full use of humanize functions and the like to make the drums sound less like a drum machine and more like a person. Also, go over the midi events and make sure that the velocities are also varied. A bit of imperfection will really help this track and add credence to it.


Please don't take this point as anything 'negative'. Most people couldn't hear it. You did a great job. Fantastic.

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Thanks a lot for your kind, constructive and polite words. Much appreciated.

We decided to go with programmed drums, because we felt we could achieve a better sound quality with a less complicated workflow, but we will record drums traditionally for our first "real" album. We already humanized the drums quite a bit, but I gave your feedback to our drummer, so we will try to work something out.

Please keep in touch with us and thank you again.



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