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  1. The original is absolutely amazing. I've never heard a remix done with guitars, which is strange, as even as a child I always though the main lead was meant to be a guitar.
  2. This is done with love and dedication. I praise your accuracy and integrity. If I may make some points of constructive criticism: the drums undermine the beautiful live performances of the guitars. I encourage you to make full use of humanize functions and the like to make the drums sound less like a drum machine and more like a person. Also, go over the midi events and make sure that the velocities are also varied. A bit of imperfection will really help this track and add credence to it. Please don't take this point as anything 'negative'. Most people couldn't hear it. You did a great job. Fantastic.
  3. Wow, thank you for the wealth of information! By all means, trim/delete whatever you need to - it wasn't my intention to cause problems You've inadvertently answered one of my follow up questions too, concerning how to give titles to what I work on. Thank you for the welcome!
  4. Someone left a comment on one of my videos encouraging me to share my work with this community. A little bit of research has led me here, and I'm a bit confused about whether my stuff is fit for this community or not. Most of my work was done before I ever heard of this site. Anyway, here is a link to some stuff: Castlevania "Wicked Child": I could really do with some feedback as to whether the community is interested in this or if I am barking up the wrong tree. Thanks
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